Finding Economic Advantage to Navigate Current and Future IT Demands

December 17, 2020 | min

If you haven’t read this IDC blog on the Top 10 Worldwide IT Industry 2021 Predictions yet, it is a quick read and worth a few minutes of your time. There are a few predictions in IDC’s blog that we wanted to highlight and briefly analyse. These are timely as they are embodied in new tools and content we are launching over the next month to help our potential and existing customers navigate their digital transformation journey in this difficult time, plan how and where to commit resources and efforts for the future, and discover ways to achieve an economic advantage through IT.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to unplanned/unforeseen business disruptions will be a clearer determiner of success in our increasingly digitalized economy. A large percentage of a future enterprise’s revenue depends upon the responsiveness, scalability, and resiliency of its infrastructure, applications, and data resources.

Rick Villars, Group Vice President Worldwide Research, IDC

“IDC Prediction 1: By the end of 2021, based on lessons learned, 80% of enterprises will put a mechanism in place to shift to cloud-centric infrastructure and applications twice as fast as before the pandemic.”

Nutanix began as a company to make infrastructure invisible and bring the cloud experience inside the datacenter to solve the challenges of legacy approaches. We have continued to expand this vision beyond the datacenter to public clouds and the edge. And, because we use a single platform approach through our Nutanix Cloud Platform, we can make this transition to hybrid cloud and multicloud much faster.

“IDC Prediction 3: By 2023, 75% of G2000 companies will commit to providing technical parity to a workforce that is hybrid by design rather than by circumstance, enabling them to work together separately and in real time.”
To get to this technical parity takes infrastructure that’s flexible, scalable, and that can be purchased by subscription not by having to plan and buy for years upfront based on IT’s most accurate prediction. We started in VDI and have extended our capabilities to cover Desktop as a Service (DaaS) as well. The End User Computing (EUC) use case is still nearly a quarter of our business and we continue to innovate with it to help organizations adapt to the rise of work from anywhere. This blog is a good jumping off point to exploring hybrid work solutions, “How to Support Working Remotely and Safely”.

“IDC Prediction 5: In 2022, enterprises focused on digital resiliency will adapt to disruption and extend services to respond to new conditions 50% faster than ones fixated on restoring existing business/IT resiliency levels.”
One of the big benefits of moving from traditional infrastructure to a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is an increase in resiliency. You can learn more about the value of Nutanix resiliency in this IDC white paper, including an 85% reduction in unplanned downtime. In addition, adopting a hybrid cloud approach opens up even more options for enhancing resiliency and doing it more efficiently.

We’re hearing these challenges and trends in our customer discussions as well. One conversation that’s memorable was with a US-based big box nationwide retailer who had all of their stores shut down for months, had to let all of their contractors go leaving the IT staff down to a bare minimum. They had to adapt to new buying models and competitive pressures quickly. They are under pressure to keep the business moving and roll out new applications. Budget was an issue, resources were an issue, time was an issue, and their outdated legacy 3-tier systems were not helping. Nutanix is helping them adapt and find efficiencies in management, productivity, infrastructure costs, and uptime so that they can invest and innovate.

Check out the other predictions to help you in your planning. We also have a bunch of other resources that can help you as well, and more coming in the next months. We will be putting more effort into helping you understand how Nutanix Cloud Platform can help you merge IT and business together for more rapid transformation, save costs and free up the budget for high-value projects, accelerate time-to-market for products and services, automate manual tasks to allow more time for innovation, and drive workplace efficiency for happier, harmonized teams. Visit for a wealth of analyst reports, calculators, and customer stories, and a IT Cost IQ test, plus be on the lookout for more details on a half-day virtual event we are hosting in early 2021 to help you find your economic advantage.

Finally, don’t forget you have the opportunity to try the platform out for yourself in the cloud for free at Nutanix Test Drive. We’d love to hear from you, so please leave us your comments and questions.

Source: IDC White Paper, sponsored by Nutanix, Organizations Leverage Nutanix Enterprise Cloud as Scalable, High-Performing, and Cost-Effective Infrastructure Foundation, January 2020

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