Flow Virtual Networking

Connect Virtual Networks and Extend Your Cloud Environment

Simplify creating, isolating, and managing software defined networks that connect applications running in private datacenters and in public cloud environments.

Flow Virtual Networking Data Sheet

Why software defined networking

Software Lifecycle Automation

Take the complexity out of ensuring the private and public cloud network architecture is properly configured and reduce the time required to deploy and upgrade applications.

Self Service for Developers and App Owners

A solution that orchestrates networking components ensures isolation and configuration without burdening operators.

Automated DR Failover and Testing

Meet business recovery objectives with automated testing and recovery that includes the necessary network configurations and connectivity.

Multi-tenant Segmentation

Fully isolate tenant networks while maintaining the economies of scale offered by shared resources in a cloud service delivery model.

Native VPC networks in AHV

Flow Virtual Networking for AHV virtualization brings virtual private cloud (VPC), virtual public cloud and other advanced virtual networking constructs together to bridge traditional and cloud-native network models. The use of a software defined approach simplifies the infrastructure and removes the need for costly hardware segmentation solutions or more complex and static physical network architectures.

Flow Virtual Networking automates the deployment and management of the SDN infrastructure for your Nutanix environment.

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Capabilities & Benefits

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Networking

A virtual network that you define with complete control over your networking environment, including IP address range, subnets, routing, and gateways.

Service Insertion and ACLs

Create and manage network access policy or enhance security by inserting advanced security functions provided by Nutanix partners into the VPC environment.

Automated VPC Connectivity

Quickly connect VPCs on your local, DR, and public cloud-based Nutanix deployments.

NAT and VPN Services

Link your Nutanix VPCs to your other private and virtual public cloud networks.

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