Nutanix Central

Unified Cloud Control Pane

Nutanix Central is a SaaS solution that provides a single console to manage all your Nutanix environments deployed on-prem or on public cloud.

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Federated management

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Nutanix Central features and capabilities

Global visibility and reporting

Get a bird's eye view of your hybrid multicloud infrastructure across datacenters and geographies from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. View comprehensive domain and cluster metrics, including capacity utilization and alert summary statistics, and easily monitor and manage the health of each Prism Central (PC) domain.

App-centric management

Effortlessly traverse through registered domains and Nutanix applications deployed in any domain through the unified console based on user access and entitlement (RBAC).


Discover Nutanix portfolio products along with recommended preferred partner applications and effortlessly deploy them with confidence and speed in the desired domain.

Admin center

Efficiently manage common administrative tasks across registered domains and Nutanix applications.

Nutanix is trusted by 25,000+ customers

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"The single pane of glass that everyone wants and looks for in their infrastructure, Nutanix gives it to you with Prism."

- Courtney Spence, Director of Network Operations, Loeb & Loeb

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"Prism allows us to centrally manage our storage, compute, and hypervisor with a single management pane. As a result, troubleshooting and management tasks that used to take hours, take just minutes with Nutanix."

- Dane Sandersen, Global Security, and Infrastructure Director, Trek Bikes

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"Nutanix makes it easy to watch all clusters and quickly reconfigure things as needed. Clear metrics on oversubscription and utilization enable us to proactively manage capacity."

- Kevin Priest, Senior Director, The Home Depot

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