Announcing General Availability of Nutanix Central

By Mayank Gupta, Director of Product Marketing, Hybrid Cloud Management and Adharsh Praveen, Principal Product Manager, Nutanix Central

May 7, 2024 | min

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the journey of the Nutanix Central solution for our hybrid multicloud management. Last year, at the Nutanix .NEXT event, we unveiled our vision for Nutanix Central and announced early access availability. Today, we are delighted to share that Nutanix Central is transitioning from early access to general availability. 

Rajiv Ramaswami, CEO Nutanix, announcing Early Access of Nutanix Central at .NEXT Chicago, May 2023

Rajiv Ramaswami, CEO Nutanix, announcing Early Access of Nutanix Central at .NEXT Chicago, May 2023

This milestone underscores the strength of our collaboration with customers and internal teams at Nutanix, from the early stages to the present. Our close partnership with customers enabled us to understand their use-cases and integrate their valuable insights into our product roadmap.

A Unified Vision for Hybrid Multicloud IT Environment Management

Simplicity, scalability and integration are crucial in the ever-changing landscape of global infrastructure management. This is where Nutanix Central plays a pivotal role, reshaping how businesses handle Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) deployments across hybrid multicloud environments.

Nutanix Central provides customers with unified infrastructure management and unparalleled control and visibility on-premises and in public clouds via the Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) solution on the AWS and Azure public clouds.

Unifying the Experience

The days of juggling multiple siloed consoles and struggling with fragmented visibility are gone. Nutanix Central offers a single pane of glass to view and manage all Nutanix services deployed across diverse environments.

Whether it's on-premises or on NC2, Nutanix Central provides global visibility and establishes an enterprise cloud governance framework through federated IAM, projects, fleet, and license management.

Scale and Insight

With Nutanix Central, managing at scale is no longer a challenge. Users can register multiple domains , allowing customers to manage their geographically dispersed Nutanix infrastructure from one centralized console. Users gain comprehensive insights into the hybrid multicloud Nutanix infrastructure, benefiting from unified domain and cluster metrics across all registered domains.

Nutanix Central shows over +20 global sites that are easily manage

In this example, Nutanix Central shows over +20 global sites that are easily managed.

Seamless Monitoring and Maintenance

Nutanix Central ensures that maintaining infrastructure health is a seamless process. Users can monitor and resolve alerts across all registered domains effortlessly, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance. With unified alert management, operations are streamlined and lead to greater efficiency.

The Nutanix Central dashboard shows domains with hundreds of clusters and their storage utilization.

The Nutanix Central dashboard shows domains with hundreds of clusters and their storage utilization.

Empowering Efficient Resource Management

Projects within Nutanix Central facilitate efficient organization and management of Nutanix resources, allowing for seamless management of multiple initiatives and teams. This ensures streamlined collaboration and optimal resource allocation.

Robust Marketplace

The Marketplace feature in Nutanix Central allows users to discover a vast array of Nutanix products and preferred-partner apps and to deploy them in any of the registered domains. This facilitates increased productivity by simplifying the deployment process.

Fortifying Defenses with IAM

With the Identity and Access Management (IAM) capability in Nutanix Central, users can define granular permissions. This ensures that only authorized users can interact with Nutanix infrastructure resources in any of the registered domains. It plays a crucial role in protecting data integrity and maintaining compliance by safeguarding against unauthorized access.

Search Capabilities

Nutanix Central enables users to navigate and search through resources or detailed logs rapidly within any domain. This enhances productivity by allowing users to instantly find information within any domain and focus on critical tasks.

Seamless Integration and Interaction

Nutanix Central promotes seamless integration and interaction within a consistent ecosystem by harmonizing various Nutanix products and services. It enables navigation through deployed Nutanix products/services across registered domains, unlocking the full potential of Nutanix infrastructure with interconnected solutions, including Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM), Prism, Nutanix Kubernetes Engine, Files Storage, Objects Storage, and more.

Various apps are integrated in the app switcher

Various apps are integrated in the app switcher

Early Response from Customers

The unified solution from Nutanix Prism and Nutanix Central simplifies the management of diverse IT resources and ensures that organizations can adapt to the dynamic demands of modern business landscapes. Since the announcement of early access, Nutanix has continued to work on the scale features to manage a greater number of Prism clusters and domains.

Streamlining our operations has never been easier! With a single pane, we effortlessly access the marketplace, manage alerts and seamlessly upgrade software and firmware across all registered domains, eliminating the need to log into multiple consoles. Nutanix Central is a game-changer for efficiency and convenience to manage our geographically dispersed infrastructure

Mitchell Blake
Systems Engg, WesBanco Bank, Inc.

How to Access Nutanix Central?

To begin leveraging Nutanix Central, customers can request a dedicated tenant through the portal. The Nutanix Central user guide has details on prerequisites and the supported Prism versions.

The licensing guide and the software option page have details on the Nutanix Central license requirements.


Nutanix Central promises to break down silos and greatly simplify the management of Nutanix infrastructure and products in hybrid multicloud environments. It provides a control plane to enables management at a large, federated scale across endpoints using a universal cloud operating model.

Customers can visit and reach out to their account representatives for details. They can also try out Nutanix Central features in a demo environment, via a Test Drive.

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