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Intro Bootcamps

New to Nutanix? Get started with our hyperconverged infrastructure 101 courses.
These are a prerequisite for our Advanced Bootcamps

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Advanced Bootcamps

After mastering our Intro topics, take your datacenter strategy to the next level with cutting-edge Nutanix products and solutions.

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Intro Bootcamps


Learn the basics of Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Experience a day in the life of a Nutanix Administrator.

Advanced Bootcamps

Power your business with a private cloud solution that can seamlessly extend to hybrid.
Consolidated Storage

Learn how to implement and manage Nutanix Files and Nutanix Objects with one-click ease.


Implement intelligent file storage and gain rich insights with Nutanix Files and File Analytics.


Implement and manage intelligent unstructured object storage using common tools and APIs.

Calm IaaS

Learn how to provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) across teams and clouds with Nutanix Calm.

Calm Infrastructure Orchestration

Provide app-level orchestration and automation across teams and clouds with Nutanix Calm.

Splunk on AHV with Objects

Elevate your big data and maximize your private cloud with Splunk on AHV using Nutanix Objects.

Connect users to applications and data from any device, at any time, from anywhere.
Frame on AHV
Frame on AHV

Deliver any application in any browser with Nutanix Frame on AHV.

Citrix on AHV
Citrix on AHV

Learn about desktop and application virtualization with Citrix on AHV.

Run Your Business Better and Fuel New Growth on the Nutanix Solution for Databases.
Era with MSSQL

See how to deploy, manage, patch, and back up Microsoft SQL databases with Nutanix Era.

Era with Oracle

Learn how to deploy, manage, back up, and patch Oracle databases with Nutanix Era.

Era Advanced with MSSQL

Learn how to manage and backup Microsoft SQL databases across Nutanix Clusters with Nutanix Era.

Era Advanced with Oracle

Learn how to manage and backup Oracle databases across Nutanix Clusters with Nutanix Era.

Focus on developing applications instead of managing infrastructure.

Learn how to leverage the power of Nutanix Prism APIs to automate and manage your private cloud.


Learn how to deploy Kubernetes clusters in minutes and perform day 2 operations with simplified lifecycle management for your cloud-native apps.

Nutanix Test Drive

Hyperconverged Test Drive

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