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Nutanix is here to do things differently.
We’re disrupting the tech landscape with a totally new approach.

Ready for the challenge?

Life at Nutanix

See how Nutanix takes care of its people. We’re building careers, fueled by transparency, trust, and technology.

Grow and Develop

We provide ample education, enablement, and coaching opportunities for learning exploration and growth.

Flexible Hybrid Work

A flexible hybrid-first culture, set by your team, with a focus on purpose-driven presence and results across a worldwide community of unique, committed professionals.

Be Well

We support programs for your wellbeing, such as excellent healthcare coverage, Wellbeing days and volunteer time off to give back to causes you care about.

Community and Inclusion

Build community, diversity, and inclusion within Nutanix through our employee-led L.I.F.E. groups and give back to causes meaningful to you through donation matching.

  • Shizu O

    “Nutanix is a place where everyone is unique. Everyone can express their individuality and be themselves. There are many different kinds of people here, and no one denies their personality.”

    Shizu O
    Sales Manager
    Nutanix Japan
  • Jovan Ć

    “We are looking for engineers who love solving tricky problems, breaking and fixing things, and building new things. You'll hack your way through the PostgreSQL engine, learn about cloud system design and contribute to the open source community.”

    Jovan Ć
    Senior Director of Engineering
    Nutanix Serbia
  • Shana A

    “As far as my unique mindset, I would say tenacity however, I would define it a little differently. I keep going because I believe in what I’m doing. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s easy to be tenacious and not take no for an answer when you truly believe that it’s helping someone.”

    Shana A
    Enterprise Account Manager
    Nutanix USA
  • Prerna S

    “Hungry is not just a buzzword at Nutanix. We want those who have an insatiable hunger to be better versions of themselves. Regardless of the skills a person gained before they came on board, hunger and ambition propel further learning, growth, and motivation.”

    Prerna S
    Senior Engineering Manager
    Nutanix India

Our Irresistible Company Culture

Culture helps us understand how we should behave as an organization. Our core values are “Hungry, Humble, and Honest with Heart.” They are our North Star.


To be the best

Our ambition is what got us to where we are today, so we champion the importance of maintaining an achievement mindset. Once we point our hearts and minds towards an initiative, we never give up.


In how we think and act

We strive to make a good first impression by making conversations feel open and inclusive. We are upfront in discussing our strengths and weaknesses and we always deliver on our commitments.


To do the right things

The way we communicate with the world is the way we communicate amongst ourselves. We listen with the intent to understand, not to reply. We make ourselves available in every way.

With Heart

In everything we do

Our passion for building connections with each other and with our customers is unmatched. We want others to succeed and prioritize our time and effort according to what will benefit the greater good.

L.I.F.E. Groups

Nutanix is home to various employee-led L.I.F.E. Groups created to support Leadership, Inclusion, Friends, and Experiences. Commonly referred to as employee resource groups (ERGs), they play a critical role in promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at Nutanix.

Family Experience

Employee community for Families of all structural types at Nutanix.


A community for Hispanic employees, allies, and advocates.


A community for Black-identifying employees, allies, and advocates.

People First Alliance

Advocates and allies of employees and families with Diverse abilities.

Project Victory

Advocates and allies of the Veteran employee community.


A community for LGBTQIA+ employees, allies, and advocates.

Women of Nutanix

A community for Female-identifying employees, allies, and advocates.

Our Awards

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