Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)

Unify your private and public clouds

NC2 dramatically reduces the operational complexity of hybrid cloud deployments and management when extending, bursting and migrating apps and workloads.

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A simpler and faster hybrid cloud

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Automatic, on-demand capacity scaling

Quickly and easily scale-up and shrink capacity as needed for ad hoc or seasonal requirements. Control cluster capacity manually or automatically using simple management console triggers.

Flexibility and freedom across clouds

The innovative Nutanix architecture gives you the flexibility and freedom to move applications, workloads and software licenses across multiple clouds wherever they are required.

Intelligent cloud infrastructure

NC2 intelligently selects bare-metal node placements across cloud racks during the initial cluster creation as well as during expansion for a highly available rack-aware design.

Consistent management plane

Manage VMs, containers and storage in a consistent management plane across on-premises and the public cloud.

Consistent security model

Extend on-premises security policies, user permissions and access controls across the hybrid cloud environment.

Networking integration

Run Nutanix software in your existing cloud accounts without the need for complex and costly network overlays.

NC2 availability

NC2 on AWS

Benefit from simple integration with a wide range of global AWS regions and support for a variety of use cases.

NC2 on Azure

Extend from on-premises to Microsoft Azure and benefit from vital MACC and Azure services integration.

Use Cases

Disaster recovery (DR)

Cut the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple DR sites. Get one-click DR to public clouds with on-demand elasticity and full infrastructure control.

Application mobility

Accelerate your cloud journey with lift-and-shift migrations across 3-tier, private and public clouds while removing the cost, complexity and risk of app refactoring.

On-demand capacity bursting

Rapidly burst composable environments to public clouds on-demand or automatically for dev/test, seasonal workloads and testing new apps, services and regions.

Learn about NC2 pricing options

Pricing and licensing options include flexible bring-your-own-license (BYOL) that features Nutanix license portability between on-premises environments and the public cloud, and on-demand pay-as-you-go (PAYG) licenses.

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