Achieve better application security and enhance network automation.

Deliver application-centric security for your VMs running on AHV via visualization, microsegmentation, and network automation. Extend your functionality further with networking partner integrations.

Deliver simple, granular, policy-based application security and VM segmentation with Flow’s intuitive interface and flexible policy.

Enhance Your Security Posture

Leverage Microsegmentation - Secure Applications - Segment Networks

Implement application-level security without the complexity of traditional network security tools or the concern about interference from other networking components or architectures. Flow delivers microsegmentation within your virtual networks and applications in order to protect against data loss and advanced threats that succeed by spreading from machine to machine.

Segment Application Tiers

Easily isolate application tiers to prevent the spread of malware and reduce attack surfaces

Network Segmentation

Instantly create a virtual DMZ or separate development from production workloads without any network configuration

Secure Virtual Desktops

Enhance VDI security with an identity-based policy that ensures users gain access to their data and applications

Discover and Visualize Application Communications

Security policy starts with a complete understanding of workload behavior. With Flow’s detailed visualization of network communication, creating secure, app-centric policies for the environment is simple, straightforward, and well-documented. Perfect for your furthering your compliance goals.

Expand Network and Security Functions

Enhance your network functionality and security through Nutanix Ready partner integrations. Nutanix allows customers to enhance your virtual network by inserting functions in-line between virtual machines or by leveraging API integration to automate common networking actions.

Networking and Security Integration Partners

Nutanix Flow works out of the box with popular networking vendors.

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Tech Note: Nutanix Flow

Effortlessly provide visibility, policy-based microsegmentation, security, and network automation.

Application Centric Security

It’s time to consider a new application-centric approach that delivers the protection you need with more agility, more flexibility, and above all, better security.

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