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Deliver Profitable Cloud Services Powered By Nutanix

Nutanix powers service providers with an industry-leading platform alongside a complementary portfolio to deliver hybrid and multicloud services that drive top and bottom line growth as well as successful business outcomes for customers. 

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Well Architected to Deliver More Successful Business Outcomes

A scalable, secure, and stable cloud platform with a complementary, differentiated portfolio designed to meet agile business needs and drive more profitable services.

Optimize the Bottom Line

Simplified pricing options with no minimum commitment levels with lower management overhead.

Accelerate Top Line & Faster Time to Market

Enjoy 80% faster deployment times that seamlessly scale new services like private, hybrid, and multicloud. Quickly add new services like Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), and more.

Simplify the Experience

Deliver services and manage with one-click deployments. Leverage auto-metering through Nutanix Pulse that enables granular billing to end customers.

Keep Business Calm, Digitally Transform on

Ultimately, business success trumps people, process, and technology. Positive business outcomes have to be a part of any digital transformation effort. In other words, the positive outcome for digital transformation is transforming the business to survive and thrive in the global economy.

The Essentials of A Well Architected Solution

There are a multitude of solutions that would functionally satisfy the technical requirements, but the number of solutions creates complexity in deciding on the people, processes, and technologies needed to deliver the solution. The right choice can create business transformation, industry-disrupting innovation, and new revenue streams.

Introducing Advanced Networking with Nutanix Flow

Service providers look to fully isolate tenants while maintaining the economies of scale found in the shared resources provided by a cloud model. Similarly, large enterprises frequently are faced with on-boarding acquired companies or other activities that necessitate isolation due to overlapping network space for example.

Service Providers Bring it all Together

As IDC states in The Evolving Ecosystem of Cloud Service Providers, making informed decisions about where applications run and where data is stored can lead to financial benefits. Accordingly, IT organizations are looking for help from trusted partners. 

Service providers, including managed service providers and cloud service providers, play a key role in the hybrid and multicloud journey by providing complementary services, bridging the competencies gap across clouds, and knowing how to deliver more successful business outcomes.

Nutanix powers cloud services across the datacenter, hyperconverged infrastructure, DevOps, and desktops for service providers.


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Platform and Program Simplicity

Simplified pricing and transparent program benefits pair with the industry-leading Nutanix Cloud Platform, which delivers predictable, linear scaling with no re-architecting.

Freedom at the Speed of Business

Simplify and accelerate new services deployment using Nutanix Calm with your choice of hypervisor and a fully extensible platform and portfolio. Deploy repeatable end customer environments in minutes and manage with the Nutanix 1-click experience.

Focus on Business Outcomes and Profitability

No minimum commitment levels. No mandatory bundles. Access tenant usage trends with the flexibility to upsell end customers through smart targeting. World-class support with 90+ NPS.

Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program

The Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program empowers service provider partners, including managed and cloud service providers, to build profitable and highly differentiated services to help their customers on their hybrid and multicloud journey with program benefits, faster time-to-market, and industry-leading cloud platform accompanied by complementary hybrid services.

What Our Customers Are Saying

OneNeck IT Solutions Logo

" One thing we really like about the Nutanix platform is the ability to leverage web scale architecture, providing us with software-defined infrastructure solutions and the ability to leverage commodity hardware without vendor lock-in. "

- John Hein, Product Director, OneNeck IT Solutions

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" Our customers came to us looking for the freedom of choice and flexibility. Nutanix has clearly gained a lot of momentum within that segment. Customers can now enjoy the killer combination of Nutanix on OVHcloud designed for the most demanding use cases. "

- Alain Fiocco, Chief Technology Officer, OVHcloud



Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Reference Architecture

In recent years, the Nutanix cloud vision has expanded to include architectures for hybrid and multicloud that offer more alternatives to optimize costs.

Building Profitable Cloud Services with Nutanix

This paper details the distinct platform and portfolio advantages that Nutanix empowers for service providers. Nutanix helps you stay ahead of the pack with superior service differentiation, continuous innovation, and improved cost control.

Service Providers

Learn more about the Nutanix Elevate Service Provider Program, join the program, and find out more information about service providers in the program.

Deliver Hybrid Cloud Your Way

Explore the solutions and use cases that make Nutanix the ideal platform to build your hybrid cloud

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With Test Drive 2.0, we wanted to start expanding the offerings to showcase more of the solution portfolio.

How to Build a Cloud Platform

This short video shows how easy it is to get started with a Nutanix Private Cloud. Simplified design, operation, automation, and scaling of today’s modern cloud.

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