Enjoy simple, flexible and intelligent enterprise file storage for the cloud era

Massive data growth, increasing governance requirements and the rise of cloud are changing the file storage needs of IT. Nutanix Files provides single pane of glass management simplicity, software defined flexibility, and deep analytics intelligence to meet the modern challenges you face around file data.

IDC study shows how Nutanix Files reduces operational overhead by 66% over traditional siloed storage resulting in 414% ROI and 7 month pay back.

Scale Up or Out On Demand—with One Click

Start small and effortlessly grow as needed. Nutanix Files is built to handle billions of files and tens of thousands of user sessions. As your environment grows, just one click will elastically scale your cluster up by adding more compute and/or memory to the file server VMs, or out by adding more file server VMs.

Rely on Deep Analytics and Predictive Remediation

Get greater visibility and actionable insights on your file data, including anomaly detection and predictive remediation of threats and risks. Optimize virtualized environments and automate everyday operations. Do it all with the advanced machine learning of File Analytics and the unprecedented simplicity of Nutanix Prism.

How Will You Use Files?

We designed simple, flexible, and intelligent Nutanix Files to address a wide range of file storage use cases, including VDI, storage consolidation, and file storage for remote and branch office sites.

File Shares and File Clouds

Provide flexible on-prem file storage for departmental shares and file clouds, or to support VDI, EUC, and digital workspaces.

ROBO File Shares

Leverage Files for remote office and branch office repositories that require local file storage and central file share replication.

Application Data

Deliver a single name space accessible via NFS and SMB.

Try Nutanix Files for Free

See how much value Files can bring to your operations with a free trial. For existing customers, get 1TB of Files storage per licensed cluster to see how Nutanix Files can simplify your storage challenges.

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Transform File Storage with Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files just launched capacity-based licensing, making Files an excellent choice for capacity-intensive clusters and dedicated file storage.

Tech Note: Nutanix Files

Nutanix Files eliminates the complexity of deploying and managing a separate infrastructure silo for storing file data.

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