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The fastest and simplest path to your IT transformation and cloud adoption goals. Migrate applications without refactoring or rearchitecting in one easy step.

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Cloud-first and cloud-smart strategies 

Break free of legacy datacenter infrastructures

Reduce datacenter administration and operating expenditures. Quickly migrate applications into or out of public clouds and hosted-private clouds without modifying any applications.

Modernize applications with cloud-native services

Improve network connectivity and reduce latency between enterprise and cloud-native applications. Move applications to your virtual private cloud and modernize them at your own pace.

Move sources of record closer to sources of engagement

Nutanix makes it incredibly easy to move workloads closer to the people who use them – on-premises, off-premises, in the public cloud, service provider clouds, and any edge location.

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Hybrid cloud interoperability

Unified cloud security policy

Unified security monitoring and automated remediation across your entire hybrid multicloud environment with nonstop compliance and asset inventory as well as zero-trust security planning.

Unified management plane

Smart cloud monitoring, automated and orchestrated provisioning of hybrid cloud architectures, and management of multitiered and distributed applications across different clouds.

Take it with you: license portability

Get up and running faster. Nutanix software licenses are transferable between on-premises, edge and public clouds so you can migrate applications wherever you want at no additional cost.

The economics of the cloud 

Cost governance

Achieve greater visibility, optimization and control across public, private and hybrid multicloud environments to keep cloud costs well under control.

Operational metering and billing

Benefit from cloud licensing models that include on-demand pay-as-you-go and bring-your-own-license with portability of your existing software licenses.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Increased flexibility to migrate applications simply and quickly across public, private and service provider clouds where they are best suited to operate.

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Accelerate your cloud migration 

Test drive Nutanix and experience the seamless migration of applications between on-premises and multiple clouds with zero code changes.

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