Nutanix Cloud Platform

Nutanix Cloud Platform Software Options

Nutanix Cloud Platform packages are available in several editions to meet your infrastructure needs with the right set of capabilities.

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI)

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) is a complete software stack to unify your hybrid cloud infrastructure including compute, storage and network, hypervisors and containers, in public or enterprise clouds; all with built-in resilience, self-healing, disaster recovery capabilities, and security. It includes enterprise storage and consolidated storage capabilities, data protection and disaster recovery, security, microsegmentation, native virtualization and container management.

NCI Software Editions

  Core set of software functionality Rich data services, resilience and management features The full suite of Nutanix software capabilities to tackle complex infrastructure challenges
Ideal For Small-scale deployments with a limited set of workloads (on-prem only) Running multiple applications or large-scale single workload deployments (on-prem or in public clouds) Multi-site deployments and advanced security requirements (on-prem or in public clouds)
Enterprise Storage
Cluster Size 12 No enforced limits on-prem. 16 nodes validated in AWS No enforced limits on-prem. 16 nodes validated in AWS
Heterogeneous Clusters      
VM-centric Snapshots & Clones      
Data Tiering      
Online Cluster Grow/Shrink      
Data Path Redundancy      
Tunable Redundancy Factor 2 2 or 3 2 or 3
Availability Domains Node Node, Block, Rack Node, Block, Rack
Basic Compression (LZ4) - Inline and post process      
Deep Compression (LZ4HC) - Greater efficiency for cold data      
Cache Deduplication      
Capacity Tier Deduplication      
Erasure Coding (EC-X)      
VM Centric Storage QoS      
VM Flash Mode      
Consolidated Storage Services
Volume Groups - for in-cluster VMs      
Volume Groups - external access      
Nutanix Files 1 TiB Free Capacity 1 TiB Free Capacity 1 TiB Free Capacity
Nutanix Objects 2 TiB Free Capacity 2 TiB Free Capacity 2 TiB Free Capacity
Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
Async Replication (RPO = 1 hr or greater)      
Application Consistent Snapshots      
Self-Service Restore      
Multiple Site DR (many to one, one to many, many to many)      
Metro Availability1   Adv Replication add-on license
Sync Replication (RPO = 0)1   Adv Replication add-on license
NearSync Replication (RPO = 1-15 min)1   Adv Replication add-on license
Advanced Orchestration with Runbook Automation1   Adv Replication add-on license
Client Authentication      
Cluster Lockdown      
Data-at-Rest Encryption (Software-based & SED)2   Security add-on license
Native KMS2   Security add-on license
Credential Guard      
Microsegmentation   Security add-on license
Security Monitoring and Network Security Planning (on-prem)   Security add-on license  
Enterprise Compute
Nutanix AHV Virtualization      
vGPU and GPU Passthrough
HA Guarantee
Kubernetes Runtime
  Cloud Native add-on license  
Karbon Container Engine
  Cloud Native add-on license  
Cross-Cluster Live Migration      

1: For any model on the hardware compatibility list, an Advanced Replication SKU is available as an add-on for the Pro licesing tier. This add-on license is applicable to Advanced Orchestration (Multiple Boot Stages, Script Execution, Re-IP, Test Failover), Metro Availability, Sync or NearSync Replication (RPO = or RPO = 1-15 min.).

2: Encryption support is subject to export laws. Contact your account respresentative to confirm eligibility. For any model on the hardware compatibility list, an Encryption SKU is available as an add-on for the Pro licensing tier. This add-on license includes data-at-rest-encryption required for Self Encrypting Drives (SED) or software-based encryption. License includes an optional native Key Management Service (KMS).

A restricted version of NCI (NCI Data) with storage capabilities but without compute or networking capabilities is also available. Greyed-out rows in the above table are not included in NCI Data.

NCI licenses are purchased and applied on the number of physical CPU cores capacity in your deployment. Licenses are portable across hardware platforms and are available in 1 through 7-year term options.

Unified Storage add-on licenses for NCI can be purchased and applied on a per TiB of storage, and are agnostic of the underlying storage hardware (HDD, SSD, NvME)

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM)

NCM is an end-to-end consumer-grade management, operations, and automation solution for a wide variety of environments – from a single virtualized datacenter to a distributed hybrid multicloud environment. NCM brings unprecedented simplicity by combining several aspects of administration, reporting, intelligent infrastructure, self-service and application automation, application provisioning, and governance.

NCM Software Editions:


  Starter Pro Ultimate
Ideal for Infrastructure AIOps: monitoring, planning, rightsizing and low code automation IaaS across private and public clouds, plus cost governance Enterprise deployments, supporting complex app automation, security features and governance workflows
Capacity Forecast and Planning      
VM Inefficiency Detection and Right-sizing      
Anomaly Detection      
Scenario-focused Troubleshooting      
Monitoring for non-NCI Virtual Infrastructure      
Dashboard Customization      
Low-code/No-code Operations Automation      
SQL Server Monitoring for IT Ops      
Application Discovery      
Self-tuning with Machine Learning      
Cost Management
Cost Metering for Private Cloud Resources      
Spend Visibility and Analysis      
Budgeting and Chargeback      
Self-Service Marketplace      
IaaS VM Blueprints      
Advanced Orchestration Runbooks      
App Blueprints      
Quotas & Approvals      
Security Compliance
Security Monitoring & Remediation      
Network Security Planning      
Regulatory Compliance      

NCM licenses can be purchased and applied on the number of physical CPU cores capacity in your deployment. Licenses are portable across hardware platforms and are available in 1 through 7-year term options.

Nutanix Unified Storage

Nutanix Unified Storage provides a storage solution for enterprise files and objects workloads for unstructured data. It is available either as a standalone or as an add-on to NCI. Nutanix Unified Storage replaces traditional storage servers and brings files and objects stores within the HCI umbrella, with all its benefits and within the purview of the unified control plane.

Nutanix Unified Storage is intended for enterprise file workloads and object storage use cases such as backup, archive, and object storage for development, within corporate datacenters and at edge locations including remote/branch offices (ROBO) where there is a mix of VM and file workloads.

Nutanix Unified Storage is purchased and licensed on a per TiB basis.

Nutanix Database Service

Nutanix Database Service (NDB) is a DBaaS solution that simplifies database management, bringing one-click simplicity and invisible operations to database provisioning and lifecycle management. NDB is purchased and licensed on a per core basis and is available either as a standalone or as an add-on to NCI. In the standalone version, NDB includes NCI Ultimate functionality in addition to database-specific capabilities and is licensed on a per-core basis.

Nutanix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) & Nutanix Frame

The Nutanix VDI per user model offers hybrid cloud infrastructure capabilities appropriate for on-prem virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS) use cases with pricing on a Maximum Concurrent User basis (maximum number of provisioned end-user VMs). VDI per user is an alternative to the core-based NCI licensing option and is designed to provide simple, transparent licensing for all VDI users, regardless of the underlying hardware or cloud.

  • Agnostic: Works with any EUC management platform including Nutanix Frame, Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops or VMware Horizon
  • Term license: 6 month through 7-year options
  • Term license must run on a dedicated software licensed VDI cluster with no core-based licensing. Mixing of non-VDI workloads is not supported.
  • Unified Storage available as a per TiB base add-on
  • No additional license cost for DR site
  • Portable across on-premises and public cloud, public cloud use requires Ultimate edition
  • Available in Starter, Pro, and Ultimate editions
NCI Feature Set Everything in NCI Starter Everything in NCI Pro* Everything in NCI Ultimate*
Nutanix Files 1 TiB Free Capacity 50 GB Per User 100GB Per User

*Does not include/support Cloud Native and DBaaS add-ons.

Nutanix Frame is sold as a separate per-user subscription service based on either Named Users or Max Concurrent Users (maximum number of provisioned end-user VMs). Subscriptions range from pay-as-you-go per month to pre-paid subscriptions for up to 5 years. For more information, please visit the Nutanix Frame pricing page.