Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI-Edge)

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure – Edge (NCI-Edge) provides a distributed infrastructure platform for small edge deployments. NCI-Edge provides the same capabilities as NCI, combining compute, storage, and networking resources from a cluster of servers into a single logical pool with integrated resiliency, security, performance, and simplified administration. NCI-Edge is limited to a maximum of 25 VMs in a cluster, with each VM being limited to a maximum of 96GB of memory. With NCI-Edge, organizations can efficiently extend the Nutanix platform to remote office/branch office (ROBO) and other edge use cases.


  • Nutanix AOS: scale-out storage technology that makes hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) possible.
  • Nutanix AHV: lightweight cloud hypervisor built into NCI and offers enterprise-grade virtualization capabilities and built-in Kubernetes support.
  • Nutanix Kubernetes Engine (NKE): an enterprise Kubernetes management solution that simplifies provisioning, operations, and lifecycle management of Kubernetes.
  • Nutanix Disaster Recovery: a natively integrated DR solution that helps organizations stay prepared in the face of a disaster while minimizing data loss and downtime.
  • Prism: management UI including Prism Element and Prism Central for infrastructure management, authentication, RBAC; REST APIs for integration with existing management systems
  • Insights: proactive alerts and support relating to the Nutanix managed infrastructure
  • Lifecycle Manager (LCM): upgrade coordination and management; Foundation and Foundation Central for initial deployment
  • Nutanix Uniified Storage (NUS): 1 TiB included for files/objects storage

NCI-Edge Editions


Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure – Edge (NCI-Edge) Starter

Core set of infrastructure functionality for edge deployments

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure – Edge (NCI-Edge) Pro

Rich data services, enhanced resilience, GPU support, and more flexible deployment options for edge deployments

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure – Edge (NCI-Edge) Ultimate

Full suite of capabilities including advanced disaster recovery (DR), K8s Engine, and full stack security ffor edge deployments

What you get

Basic HCI including AOS, AHV, NKE, Disaster Recovery, Prism, Insights, Lifecycle Management

  • Consolidated Storage and virtualization management
  • VM-centric snapshots and clones, application consistent snapshots
  • 1 managed Kubernetes cluster per NCI cluster
  • Built-in data replication and recovery with data path redundancy and RF2
  • Node level availability domains
  • Basic and Deep Compression (LZ4/LZ4HC), Data Deduplication
  • Volume Groups for in-cluster VMs
  • Async replication with RPO of 1hr or more
  • Client authentication and credential guard

Everything in Starter and:

  • Tunable Redundancy Factor with choice of RF2 or RF3
  • Node, Block, and Rack Availability Domains
  • Erasure coding (EC-X)
  • VM-centric Storage QoS
  • VM Flash Mode
  • Upto 2 managed Kubernetes clusters per NCI cluster
  • Volume Groups with external access
  • Self-service restore
  • Multiple site DR
  • Cluster Lockdown
  • vCPU and GPU Passthrough
  • HA guaranteed failover
  • Overlay Networking

Everything in Pro, and:

  • Advanced Replication with metro availability, Sync and NearSync replication (RPO=0, RPO=1.15 min)
  • Advanced Orchestration with Runbook Automation
  • Data-at-Rest Encryption (Software-based & SED)
  • Native KMS
  • Cross-cluster live migration
  • Upto 2 managed Kubernetes clusters per NCI cluster
  • Microsegmentation for security and compliance
  • Nutanix Security Central 

Note: Advanced Encryption, Security, and cloud-native add-ons are not available for NCI-Edge Pro, please utilize NCI licensing if these capabilities are required.

Available SKUs

Type SKU Format Example SKU(s)
STR - Starter
PRO - Pro
ULT - Ultimate
Support Levels
PR - Production Support
MC - Mission Critical Support
FP - Federal Production Support
FM - Federal Mission Critical Support
AP - Authorized Partner, Production Support
AM – Authorized Partner, Mission Critical Support

Product Add-ons Available

  • Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS) can be added on to any NCI-Edge cluster to get multi-protocol unified storage capabilities. 1 TiB of NUS Pro per NCI-Edge cluster is included at no cost with NCI-Edge.

Pricing, Deployment, and Licensing Terms


  • NCI-Edge is priced on a per VM basis as measured by the maximum number of concurrently powered-on VMs.


  • NCI-Edge term licenses run on and are portable across a variety of vendor platforms including Nutanix appliances, OEM platforms, third-party servers, and public cloud platforms, as specified in our hardware platforms website page.
  • NCI-Edge licenses must run on a dedicated licensed cluster with no core-based licensing. Mixing of NCI-Edge licenses with other types of NCI licensing within a cluster is not supported.
  • NCI-Edge licenses are available on AOS 6.7 and require Prism Central 2023.3 or higher version
  • NCI-Edge licensing cannot be mixed with legacy AOS ROBO licenses within a cluster, but can be mixed within a Prism Central provided each cluster under the Prism Central’s purview is wholly on NCI-Edge or wholly on legacy AOS ROBO licensing.
  • NCI-Edge editions are determined at the cluster level, clusters with mixed Starter/Pro/Ultimate licensing will default to the lowest tier.
  • For deployment on public cloud, a minimum of Pro edition is required. NCI-Edge Starter is not eligible for deployment on public cloud.
  • Maximum allowed VMs in an Edge cluster may not exceed 25. Maximum allowed memory per VM in an Edge cluster may not exceed 96 GB.
  • Maximum no. of nodes in an NCI-Edge cluster may not exceed 5.
  • Scope included for Nutanix Security Central in NCI-Edge Ultimate is infrastructure running Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure. Public cloud capability requires NCM Security Central SaaS SKU.

Licensing Terms

  • All SKUs deliver term licenses, and are configurable for any duration between 6-60 months. Licenses must be renewed for continued access to software and support
  • Disaster Recovery sites require separate licensing.
  • Encryption support is subject to export laws. Contact your account representative to confirm eligibility. 
  • The Nutanix End-User Licensing Agreement  is applicable for all NCI-Edge software.

Related Offerings and Services

  • NCI core-based licensing provides a full-featured general-purpose infrastructure platform license that is priced on a server capacity basis (no. of cores) without the cluster size and memory limitations of NCI-Edge.
  • Professional services for cluster deployment are recommended for new and significant expansion deployments.

Note: NCI-Edge offer and all SKUs mentioned in this document are part of the ‘PnP 2.0’ product portfolio from Nutanix and are priced according to a low list, low discount regime. For specific details, please contact your Nutanix Account Team