Cloud Health Insights

Simplify IT Support Operations

Boost uptime by detecting anomalies, providing recommendations, and proactively monitoring your Nutanix Infrastructure.

Predictive support for your cloud platform

Accelerate support case resolution

Periodic health checks, automatic case opening and log gathering, reduced case closure time

Improve reliability

Proactively detect issues, provide security advisories and actionable recommendations

Simplify operations

View storage trends, track infrastructure lifecycle, and identify cluster-level data, all with one click

Key capabilities

Discovery engine

By default checks are run every 2 hours to provide quick diagnosis and remediation of new issues, giving IT administrators a focused view of infrastructure health.

  • Policies are designed to discover issues and vulnerabilities affecting your infrastructure.
  • Easily analyze the wellness of infrastructure.
  • Provides unique recommendations with each discovery.

Remote diagnostics

Diagnostics Information includes NCC health checks, log  summary and log bundle allows Nutanix to proactively identify and fix impending issues. Remote log collection relieves IT administrators of the time-consuming task of collecting logs and allows support to respond to issues more quickly.

  • Automatic and manually initiated remote collections of logs.
  • Discovery initiated log collection to proactively and retroactively troubleshoot cluster or node level issues.
  • Customization to provide selective log collection.

Cluster timeline

IT teams can now audit and correlate historical cluster events such as alerts, discoveries, upgrades, hardware replacements, and more.

  • Ability to filter events, software upgrades, cases and dispatches, and hardware changes.
  • Quickly track down historical changes for analysis.
  • Check performance based on changes in the cluster timeline.

What our customers are saying

Rakuten Europe Bank


“The Nutanix Insights solution is simple, efficient, well-made, and good quality – it’s built with the customer in mind, and it’s a pleasure to use.”

- Thibaud Peras, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Bottomline Technologies


“Love it. Insights is saving me time, which is the most critical resource.”

- Jon Dustin, Senior Cloud Systems Engineer


Compass Group France


“Not having a ticket to open is already a good thing, but the possibility to see the problems related to a version installed on a cluster and how to solve them is great. It's the same philosophy that made the one click upgrade.”

- Olivier Massoni, Systems Engineer

ruffalo noel levitz

Victaulic Company of America

Manufacturing & Engineering

“This is a step up from the older portal. Easy to navigate. Opening Support cases is much faster. Collecting logs is so easy. It’s an overall step in the right direction.”

- Mike Latham, Systems Engineer



Nutanix Pulse and Alerts Solution Brief

Nutanix simplifies and streamlines this process through two important support services: Pulse and Alerts. When enabled, Pulse captures purpose driven diagnostic data on a regular schedule. Alerts are event driven and help proactive support. 


On demand webinar:
Cluster Health and Insights

Join John Burton, senior staff SRE at Nutanix, on a video tour of the Alerts and Cluster Health dashboards in Prism, as well as Nutanix Insights to get a full view of how to optimize your monitoring strategy to be proactive and predictive, and catch potential issues before they occur.

Nutanix Insights

Nutanix Insights: Striving towards a healthier cloud

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