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Nutanix offers a single platform to run and manage all your apps and data – across on-premises, the edge and the cloud – while simplifying operations and enabling you to create positive business outcomes.

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Why Hybrid Multicloud is the Future of IT

A hybrid multicloud operating model can enhance efficiency with seamless app and data migration, management, and security. But without careful planning, a rapidly expanding hybrid multicloud environment can be a recipe for chaos.

A number of factors are contributing to this growing complexity:


Explosion of Apps and Data

An application avalanche is coming with 750M new apps by 2026 and 181 zetabytes of data created and consumed a day.


Workloads Across Disparate Environments

Enterprises will see up to 85% of workloads no longer optimally deployed by 2027.


Rise of GenAI

Companies are trying to determine how and where to use AI to support their mission and add competitive differentiation.

Multiple Clouds is not True Multicloud

Multiple Clouds

Use of multiple public cloud deployments that are implemented, managed, and updated separately–often with completely separate tools, processes, and skill sets.


Use of multiple public cloud providers that are managed under a single platform, giving you complete visibility into all of your workloads, apps, and data.

Hybrid Multicloud

On-premises (datacenter/edge) operations plus multiple public clouds, i.e. combination of hybrid cloud and multicloud but with a common operating model.

Only Nutanix Makes Hybrid Multicloud Simple and Cost Effective

We helped dismantle datacenter silos with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)—and now we’re breaking down barriers across on-premises, the edge and the cloud with a unifying hybrid multicloud approach.

Any workload, any app

Enterprise apps

Cloud native apps

Analytics / ML 



Nutanix Cloud Platform

Run anywhere


Public clouds

Service provider clouds 

Edge locations

One Platform to Run Apps and Manage Data Anywhere

With Nutanix, You Can:

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

A hybrid multicloud platform accelerates your digital transformation by enabling 60% faster workload movement among clouds, without the need to refactor or replatform applications.

Manage a Unified Platform

Nutanix provides a unified platform that manages datacenters, clouds, and edge for a secure environment. Built-in security and resiliency thwarts cyber threats, safeguards data, and ensures uninterrupted business operations.

Lower TCO

Hybrid multicloud doesn’t need to strain your budget. Nutanix lowers TCO with simplified management, automation, consolidation, and optimized consumption.

Gain Workload Portability

Enable total portability for all workloads without refactoring, including infrastructure licenses, to ensure optimal placement of every workload today and in the future.

Nutanix is Trusted by

"Nutanix has eliminated all of the problems we were having with our 3-tier systems. It is exactly what we were looking for in a hybrid multicloud solution.”

– Dan Morrison, Director of Infrastructure and Operations,
Penn National Insurance

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