OEM Partnerships

Hewlett-Packard DX Series

Following the Nutanix and HPE global partnership announcement in April 2019, a new family of Nutanix-integrated HPE ProLiant DX systems have been launched and are generally available. The offerings combine the #1 HCI software offering from Nutanix with the #1 installed base of servers worldwide from HPE. Noted for their ease of management, secure development and production, HPE technology is trusted by top companies around the world.

Lenovo ThinkAgile HX

Nutanix and Lenovo announced a global OEM partnership in November 2015, introducing a family of hyperconverged systems built on Lenovo’s industry-leading ThinkSystem servers and powered by Nutanix software. The joint solution dramatically reduces server, storage and virtualization costs, while simplifying datacenter infrastructure.

Fujitsu XF Series

Initially introduced in EMEA and India in 2017, the Fujitsu XF system offering was expanded to include North America in May 2019 with the goal of further expanding globally by the end of the year. Noted for its high quality and attention to performance and lower power consumption, the Fujitsu offering is trusted by top companies worldwide to run the most demanding applications.

Inspur inMerge 1000 Series

First announced as a validated server offering in December 2018, the partnership offering between Inspur and Nutanix was elevated in April 2019 to also include a full turnkey system known as the inMerge 1000 series available for the China market.

As the #1 server vendor in China and the #3 server vendor worldwide Inspur is a leading supplier to the top internet companies in China and is quickly growing its presence in commercial businesses around the world.

Dell EMC XC Series

Available since November 2014, the Dell EMC XC integrated systems have been rapidly adopted by customers looking for the Nutanix software experience combined with the hardware and support leadership of Dell EMC. Dell EMC XC helps customers simplify how they deploy and manage their server virtualization, private cloud, and desktop and application virtualization solutions. 

IBM Hyperconverged Systems

Since July 2017 IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix have been available for order. Delivering the performance of IBM’s Power processor architecture, this offering will bring unprecedented throughput for data-intensive workloads. Furthermore, this Cognitive Computing platform gains the simplicity of Nutanix for delivery of a Cognitive Cloud for your on-premises data center.