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Simple, Secure, Scale-Out Object Storage

Forget point solutions, silos, and complexity. Add simple, flexible, S3-compatible object storage to your hybrid cloud to massive scale object storage with ease.

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Simple, secure, scale-out object storage for big data and deep archives.

Create Global Namespaces In Seconds

Deploy a single S3-compatible namespace that scales from terabytes to petabytes of unstructured storage capacity. No minimum storage capacity required.

Enhance Your Data Security

Protect data with replication, encryption, WORM, and immutability out-of-the-box. Use object versioning for deeper storage protection, plus search and access data without the hassle of tape or off-line archives.

Tame Unstructured Complexity

Object stores can get huge. Tens of Petabytes across multiple silos. Manage your entire unstructured storage footprint on a single platform, from a single pane of glass.

What is Object Storage?

Also known as object-based storage, object storage differs from other computer data storage architectures in that it lets you manage objects and access data via unique keys rather than through file systems or data blocks.

4 Reasons You Should Be Moving Toward Zero-trust Security

Virtual machines and cloud computing are quickly eliminating traditional data security boundaries. The distributed nature of data across dissimilar IT environments has created new security challenges for enterprises.

Capabilities & Benefits

Support any workload with simplicity and flexibility of a single platform

Nutanix Objects provides S3 storage that your big data and deep archive workloads need with enterprise grade capabilities for the most advanced environments, all on a flexible platform that can adapt to offer storage for any type of workloads including file, block, and VM workloads.

Ensure compliance and data protection with security baked in

Enable WORM (Write Once Read Many) policies on any object to ensure data fidelity and immutability for data retention compliance. Protect everything with integrated encryption to a level of FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Enhance data visibility with object tagging & versioning

Quickly identify objects by tagging them. Tag objects based on projects, compliance and more. Create copies of objects and protect your data from accidentally overwriting or deleting it.

Speed workflows through automation with DevOps collaboration

Integrate REST API calls within your programs or scripts without tracking complex directory structures. Developers and IT Ops can simply leverage an S3-compatible interface for cross-geo, cross-team collaboration and agile development.

How It Works

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Nutanix Objects provides a simple and scalable S3 compatible storage tier on top of your Nutanix AOS platform. It can easily deploy on an existing cluster for small object storage use cases, on a dedicated cluster for dedicated object storage workloads with maximum performance requirements, or across multiple clusters providing a limitless single share name space while unlocking storage resources from underutilized clusters.

Nutanix Objects deploys as a set of virtual machines that provide access to storage resources on nodes in a single cluster or across multiple clusters for scale from the very small to the truly massive. This can easily deploy at edge and remote office locations, in your core data center and connect with storage in the cloud for a seamless data management cloud across all deployment modes.

Key use cases

IT organizations are having to store an enormous amount of logs for years to ensure compliance. More often than not, Splunk is their tool of choice. The ever-growing log-storage requires scale to store the growing data set in a cost effective manner. To address these challenges, Splunk has introduced the Splunk SmartStore architecture, which allows Splunk admins to use S-3 compatible object storage for their data retention requirements. 

Nutanix Objects is certified by Splunk as a SmartStore partner. It provides a massively scalable, easy to use, cloud-integrated and secure object store solution.

Big Data Analytics

Provide DevOps and IT Ops an S3-compatible interface for cross-geo collaboration and agile development. Kick off your next-gen analytics and AI projects with fast, infinitely scalable object storage.

Backup and Archive

Protect your data with a WORM-enabled, searchable long-term storage solution. Utilize built-in object versioning for deeper storage protection and search your data without the hassle of off-line tape systems

Cloud Native Apps

Drive innovation with simple and flexible object storage for next gen and cloud native application development.

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Reimagine Object-based Storage in a Multi-cloud Era

IDC predicts that data growth will hit 40 zettabytes this year with unstructured data accounting for 63% of it.

Rethinking Storage for a Data-centric World

This whitepaper will show you how to maximize your data management plan, featuring practical ways to consolidate and simplify your storage environment.

Nutanix Objects Tech Note

Nutanix Objects runs on Nutanix, natively converging compute and storage into a turnkey appliance you can deploy in minutes to run any application out of the box.

Simplify data management at cloud scale

Accessing data securely, simply, quickly in the cloud all starts with a storage foundation that eliminates the complexity of data management.

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