Objects Storage

Simple, Secure, Scale-Out Cloud Object Storage

Forget about point products, silos and complexity. Objects Storage delivers secure S3-compatible object storage at massive scale to hybrid cloud environments.

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How Objects Storage Works

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Objects Storage provides a simple and scalable S3 compatible storage tier on top of your Nutanix AOS platform. It can easily deploy on an existing cluster for small object storage use cases, on a dedicated cluster for dedicated object storage workloads with maximum performance requirements, or across multiple clusters providing a limitless single share name space while unlocking storage resources from underutilized clusters.

Objects Storage deploys as a set of virtual machines that provide access to storage resources on nodes in a single cluster or across multiple clusters for scale from the very small to the truly massive. This can easily deploy at edge and remote office locations, in your core data center and connect with storage in the cloud for a seamless data management cloud across all deployment modes.

The Smart Path to Cloud Objects Storage

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Ensure compliance and data protection

Enable Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) policies on any object to ensure data fidelity and immutability for data retention and compliance. Protect everything with integrated encryption to a level of FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Support any workload from a single platform

Get S3-compatible storage for big data, cloud-native and deep archive workloads. It’s a single, flexible platform that stores file, block, VM, and many other types of workloads.

Enhance data visibility with tagging and versioning

Quickly identify objects by tagging them. Tag objects based on projects, compliance and more. Create copies of objects and protect your data from accidentally overwriting or deleting it.

Comprehensive Solution for Unstructured Data

Superior searchability

Metadata goes with the object, hence there is no need to build databases that merge the two. Create, change and add custom metadata anytime to make object storage easy to search and navigate.

Unlimited scalability

Add nodes as needed and scale horizontally. Metadata stays with the objects for near-unlimited scaling compared to traditional storage methods.

Unparalleled resiliency

Object storage ensures quick, reliable disaster recovery for object files. When disaster strikes, you can be sure your data won’t be lost because objects are automatically copied onto 1+ nodes.

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Software-Defined Storage

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Leverage REST APIs

Amazon S3 REST API enables your enterprise applications to read and write data into the object store.

Geo-distributed data redundancy

Geo-distributed redundancy provides you with unlimited capacity for off-site backups and replication.

Enterprise-grade multicloud capabilities

Easily switch from on-premises to cloud and between cloud providers by simply changing the endpoint configuration.

Learn from the Experts

Scalable object storage for backup

Highlighting the value of objects storage for archival storage.

Get started with Objects Storage

This course shows how Nutanix customers can enable object storage services on existing clusters or set up new clusters with storage dense nodes.

Other Capabilities


Big data analytics

Get an S3-compatible interface for cross-geo collaboration and agile development for fast, infinitely scalable object storage.

Backup and archive

Utilize built-in object versioning for deeper storage protection and search your data without the hassle of off-line tape systems.

Cloud-native apps

Drive greater innovation with simple and flexible object storage for next-generation and cloud-native application development.

Nutanix is Trusted by 25,000+ Customers

"Nutanix provides the flexibility to choose the right systems for our environment."

- Kurtis Thick, Infrastructure Specialist Architect, Regina Catholic School Division

"If you’re looking for simple yet powerful storage and server storage, this is it."

- Richard Briston, Senior Network and Infrastructure Specialist,
Canadian Solar

"Objects is an easy way to do object storage. It's simple to manage, it's reliable, it just kind of works. We expect it to grow."

- Erik Dahlgren, Director of Cloud System Operation,
Bottomline Technologies

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Getting Started with
Objects Storage

This course shows how Nutanix customers can enable object storage services on existing clusters or set up new clusters with storage-dense nodes.

The Use of Object Storage for Modern Data-Intensive Workloads Requiring High Performance

Learn how demonstrated performance aspects of Nutanix Objects Storage meets the requirements of demanding data-intensive workloads and AI/ML use cases.

Get faster and better insights from On-Prem data with Objects Storage and Snowflake

High performant, massively scalable, software-defined Nutanix Objects Storage integrates with Snowflake Data Cloud allowing you to run fast SQL-like queries into data stored regardless of location - edge, core or cloud.

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