Nutanix Data Lens

Don’t Become Another Ransomware Statistic

Proactively identify security gaps and gain actionable insights to elevate your data security posture.

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Strengthen your ransomware defense strategy

Safeguard with signature-based threat detection 

100% of known ransomware signatures, l blocked 100% of the time.

Detect anomalies with behavioral patterns

Use client IP, user account details, file activity, and other behavioral detection markers to protect your data from unknown potential threats.

Instant data restore with 1-click recovery

Use the last good snapshot to avoid data corruption and return to business as usual with one-click recovery.

Real-time threat monitoring & alerting (20 min window)

Don’t miss a beat! Automated alerts, triggered by anomalous activity on your data keeps you informed around the clock.

20/20 vision for your business with Nutanix

Actionable audit trails

Discover hidden risks and identify insider threat sources by tracking users access and activity to determine permissions policies.

Your reports delivered your way

Keep an eye on data access at all times. Get automated and customizable reporting delivered straight to your inbox, on your terms.

Quantitatively visualize magnitude of risk 

Make informed decisions with deeper insights from permissions visualization and relative risk score trend analysis.

Conform to compliance regulations

Provide customized monitoring controls required by regulatory frameworks.

Maximize your storage potential with data lifecycle management

Unlock intelligent insights with data age analytics

Stay ahead of data trends by tracking usage and accessing the frequency of hot, cold, and warm data.

Optimize performance with smart tiering

Tier off warm and cold data into compatible Nutanix, AWS, Wasabi,and Azure Blob Objects stores.

Nutanix is trusted by

ARRB logo

"We needed a scalable solution that could give insight into our data, auto-tier older data to S3 where it would be easily accessible and empower our users to reclaim storage as we grow. Nutanix Data Lens helps us manage our big data assets across geo-located datacenters, so we remain compliant with our security policies for Ransomware protection - all from a single management view."

- Garth Brockton, Group IT Manager at ARRB Systems RA

LKAB logo

"Understanding access to our data is very important for us to ensure data is secure, safe, and being used properly. Tools like Data Lens give us the insights we need to understand who is accessing our data, if it's appropriate access, or if there is an attempt to misuse or attack our data. The forensics and the new permissions and access risk views are important tools to keep our data safe from malicious users, or from threats such as ransomware."

- Robert Pohjanen, IT Architect, LKAB

LKAB logo

"We suffered a ransomware attack, in which the entire VMware infrastructure and our backup were compromised. Thanks to Nutanix technology, we were able to recover the most critical applications in a short time, to minimize the impact. Nutanix ended up saving everything, and made us decide that from then on, we will leave the legacy technology and migrate all workloads to Nutanix."

- Brunno Amado da Silva Vieira Senior IT Infrastructure Analyst, Unimed Belém Cooperativa De Trabalho Medico

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