Nutanix Data Lens

20/20 Vision into Your Unstructured Data

Nutanix Data Lens is a SaaS-based data security solution offering ransomware resilience and intelligent analytics for unstructured data on Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP). This service offers global data visibility to proactively assess and mitigate data security risks by identifying anomalous activity, auditing user behavior, and adhering to compliance requirements, while enabling efficient data lifecycle management.

"We needed a scalable solution that could give insight into our data, auto-tier older data to S3 where it would be easily accessible and empower our users to reclaim storage as we grow. Nutanix Data Lens helps us manage our big data assets across geo-located datacenters, so we remain compliant with our security policies for Ransomware protection - all from a single management view."

– Garth Brockton, Group IT Manager at ARRB Systems RA

Integrated Ransomware Resilience and Global Data Visibility

Data security is no longer an option. Every 11 seconds,1 a business is impacted by a ransomware attack costing them millions of dollars. Proactive measures are key to staying ahead of such attacks, especially in an era where unstructured data is growing at a rate of 55-60% annually.2 Unstructured data is more vulnerable to ransomware attacks due to its scattered nature, weakened access controls, diverse data formats, and lack of encryption. Though network and platform security solutions are crucial to protecting the main entryway into the systems, data security is a critical component of the security strategy as this protects individual data sources (i.e. Files and Objects). Nutanix Data Lens is the ransomware resilience and global data visibility solution every business needs to defend, block, and recover from these data threats.

1 Gartner: Innovation Insight for Cyberstorage Solutions to Protect Unstructured Data Against Ransomware
2 Forbes: What Is Unstructured Data And Why Is It So Important To Businesses? An Easy Explanation For Anyone


Nutanix Data Lens diagram

Strengthen Your Ransomware Posture

Nutanix Data Lens is a cutting-edge ransomware resilience solution that empowers businesses with a NIST compliant data security strategy. With 5600+ (and growing constantly) ransomware signatures recognized and intelligent behavioral pattern based anomaly detection, security and storage teams can detect and block threats in their tracks. The industry average downtime due to a ransomware attack is 16 days,  but one way of reducing this is by minimizing the time taken to detect and block the threat. Nutanix Data Lens can block and detect threats in less than 20 minutes, minimizing the ransomware exposure window and speeds up time back to normal business operations. As the final line of defense, Nutanix Data Lens offers 1-Click Recovery to recover data from the last good snapshot for minimized data loss.. 

Global Data Visibility and Root Cause Analysis

Nutanix Data Lens also ensures audit and compliance with global data visibility and permissions & risk visualization. With high data visibility, identifying the root cause of threats is simplified. The addition of permissions and risk visualization gives you insights into the points of cyber and insider threats in your environment to reduce data risk.

Optimize Primary Storage and Minimize Cost

Nutanix Data Lens offers data lifecycle management, which includes smart tiering and data age analytics. Data lifecycle management begins with understanding data usage and identifying cold, warm, and hot data and then tiering off cold data into less expensive S3 compliant (AWS, Wasabi, and Nutanix Objects) and Azure Blob targets. Tiering off cold data not only minimizes cost as the S3 and Azure Blob targets are less expensive, but also optimizes primary storage performance by freeing up primary storage.


  • Detect and block 5600+ (and growing) signature based ransomware threats and behavioral pattern based threats in less than 20 minutes with Nutanix Data Lens 
  • 1-Click Recovery prompts recovery from the last clean snapshot available
  • Optimize storage and cost by using data lifecycle management to tier off cold data into S3 (AWS, Wasabi, Nutanix Objects) and non-S3 (Azure Blob) targets
  • Identify root cause of threats and monitor data through customized and automatic reporting
  • Understand permission structures and conduct risk analysis using relative risk score trends over time
  • Take advantage of the Freemium Licensing Model offers “Free” and “Premium” tiers that cater to your data security needs

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