Accelerate Automotive Innovation with Nutanix Cloud Solutions

The automotive industry is going through the biggest transformation it has seen in the last 50 years. Climate concerns, urbanization, change in consumer interests, and technological advancements have led to electrification, connectivity, and self-driving trends in the auto industry. These trends are disrupting an industry that is based on a product-sale model, transforming it into an end-to-end mobility services provider. To survive and thrive in this wave of change, accelerating time-to-market and delivering seamless customer service are critical.

Automotive Industry: A Green, Connected, and Autonomous Future

The automotive industry is experiencing its greatest disruption ever caused by autonomous vehicles, connected cars, and electrification, prompting existing players to revamp their business models and product portfolios. Learn how to transform IT to be on the front lines of the automotive future.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Advantage

Modernize your IT infrastructure so your teams can work jointly with the business to improve time-to-market for new nameplates, innovate in self-driving, and optimize manufacturing.  

Lower TCO by 60%

 The cost of making a car is going up, and automotive businesses need to smartly allocate budget to what matters most. With Nutanix, you can decrease your capital and operational expenditure with improved capacity and resource optimization.

Reduce Operational Costs

If you’re juggling multiple product variants and global manufacturing plants, any manufacturing missteps are costly. Increase your efficiency and maximize productivity by using edge intelligence to predict equipment failure, detect process anomalies, improve quality control, and manage energy consumption.

Scale as Needed

The market is always uncertain, and with new product innovations emerging constantly, you’ll need the flexibility to scale when you need, as you need. You’re free to do just that with Nutanix—without the fear of overprovisioning resources or creating storage silos.

The Definitive Guide to Emerging Technologies in Manufacturing IT

In the digital era, manufacturing companies face business challenges that could scarcely have been imagined even a few years ago. Addressing these challenges depends on your ability to take full advantage of the latest advances in information technology (IT).

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