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Designed with you in mind, Nutanix University offers a fresh, engaging, and interactive way of teaching you the fundamentals you need to succeed. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace and customize your learning plan no matter which stage of your Enterprise Cloud journey you’re on.


Training Course       Related Certification
Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals (NHCF)

Primary Audience: System engineers, junior engineers, and IT operators want to learn fundamental AOS concepts and navigate Prism on AHV.

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Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Administration (ECA)

Primary Audience: Administrators/ engineers who manage Nutanix clusters in the datacenter.

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Advanced Administration & Performance Management (AAPM)

Primary Audience: Experienced Administrators/ engineers who already manage Nutanix clusters in the datacenter, but who would like more in-depth knowledge of Nutanix datacenter administration.

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Private Training

Private Training is the perfect choice when you need training for the whole team. We work with your schedule to find optimal dates at your convenience, ensuring consistent education across the full team without the hassle of travel.

Udacity Hybrid Cloud Engineer Nanodegree

The Nanodegree program is ideal for someone looking to hone their skills in modern cloud infrastructure and the design of hybrid application deployment. The program provides a broad introduction to cloud infrastructure and teaches how to design a hybrid cloud solution, create functioning web applications using CALM, and deploy hybrid cloud applications.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

This free online training series introduces you to the fundamental building blocks of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. Each short course is self-paced and provides insight into how the Nutanix solution helps solve common business and organizational issues, and the core products that make it work.

Enterprise Cloud

End User Computing

Data Services

Security & Governance

Multicloud Automation

Business Continuity

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