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Build marketable skills in enterprise cloud technology

Grow your knowledge. Grow your value.

Our programs are all about choice— design the mix of in-person, online, or video training that works best for you. Then validate your skills with our industry-recognized certification programs.


With Nutanix University, you can choose how you want to learn, at the pace you want.

Instructor-Led Training

In-person or live, virtual training options are available at your preference. Equipped with hands-on labs and detailed instruction, expert Nutanix instructors create an environment to help you learn.

Online Plus Training

Combining the convenience of online training with skills building hands-on labs, this option provides maximum flexibility.

Self-Paced Online Training

These short courses, videos, and product demos give you the knowledge you need, when you need it.

Private Training

Virtual or in-person training with the convenience and comfort of your own location, ensuring consistent education across your full team without the hassle of travel.


Earning a Nutanix Certification validates that you have the skills and understanding needed to manage and deploy Nutanix technology. Our multi-level certification program provides a learning and development path for you to follow as your experience grows.

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