Cloud Native

Power your apps with cloud native application development.

Focus on developing applications instead of managing infrastructure. Nutanix cloud native services provide a seamless app development platform across cloud and on-prem resources.

Bring the Cloud Model On-premises

Nutanix Delivers Simplicity & Reliability

With Nutanix cloud native services, developers can take advantage of the reliable on-prem tooling and automation required for development and management of scale-out applications. Creating a cloud-model app development experience on-prem is a complex task, involving expertise, labor, and plenty of automation, but Nutanix has rolled all that up into a simple package for end users.

Simplify and Automate App Delivery

One-click Kubernetes

Dramatically simplify Kubernetes provisioning, operations, and lifecycle management.

Enjoy On-premises DBaaS

Automate and streamline database management with one-click simplicity and invisible operations.

Leverage scale-out file, block, and object storage

Deliver File Services

Highly available, massively scalable, dramatically simplified file storage services.

Drive Mission-critical Apps

Native scale-out block storage for virtualized and bare metal instances.

Optimize Capacity Utilization

Scalable, simple, secure enterprise-grade S3-compatible object storage for the multicloud era.

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