Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Eliminate the traditional cost and complexity of data protection and disaster recovery

Protect virtualized applications with a full spectrum of backup and recovery options built into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Extend Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Add long-term retention for compliance, off-site storage, and more to your data protection portfolio via our partner ecosystem.
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It’s Time to Modernize Data Protection

Most enterprises have multiple tiers of applications, from business-critical on down, and a corresponding set of recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) SLAs that range from zero to minutes to hours to days, each requiring its own data protection infrastructure. The resulting complexity and siloing of backup and recovery operations has produced inefficiency, management difficulty, and spiraling costs. By contrast, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud erases all of the hardship and unnecessary expense.

Above All, Nutanix Makes Data Protection Simple

Get easy setup, in just a few clicks. Assign SLAs for your applications and choose from a variety of native data protection options. That’s it. Intuitive management, policy-based control, and simple recovery plans mean your days will now be worry-free. Monitor your DR preparedness and run one-click test and failover—without interrupting your production workloads. Enjoy rich reporting that makes compliance and governance a snap. Nutanix makes it possible.

Get Disaster Recovery Without More Infrastructure

Eliminate the need for provisioning, configuring, and managing disparate cloud environments or multiple solutions for disaster recovery. Xi Leap is disaster recovery natively integrated into Xi Cloud Services and available to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud customers with a single click.

Leverage Webscale Protection Options

Protect your unstructured data with a simple, scalable, and cost-effective active archive solution that’s native to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Enable Comprehensive Data Protection

Protect virtualized applications with different RPOs and RTOs via simple, flexible, VM-centric policies.

Native Integration

Secure applications with local, remote, or cloud-based backups, eliminating the need for a secondary solution.

Intuitive Control

Enjoy simple and intuitive centralized management with two-click infrastructure failover and customizable policies.

Flexible Architecture

Add capacity-heavy nodes to existing webscale Nutanix systems to support nearly unlimited retention of snapshots.

Make Backup & Recovery Effortless

Unlimited snapshots, flexible datacenter and cloud-based replication, and simple management mean your backup and recovery strategy is now a strategic advantage.

Centralized Control

Manage all your backup policies from multiple sites centrally, enabling simplified workflows and effortless control.

Reduced Footprint

Slash your storage footprint and network bandwidth by as much as 70% with built-in storage-efficiency functionality.

Flexible Options

Backup VMs and apps to local systems, a remote Nutanix system, or a public cloud service provider such as AWS.

Improved Service Levels

Drive RTO and backup efficiency with the industry’s first redirect-on-write algorithm for hyperconverged platforms.

Simplified Management

Schedule backup policies with just a few clicks, and recover VMs from local or remote snapshots in two easy steps.

Third-party Integration

Integrate with VSS and 3rd-party tools to enable features such as application-consistent backups.

Rely on Built-in Disaster Recovery

Enable affordable, flexible, and customizable disaster recovery (DR) solutions that meet your RPO and RTO requirements without the overhead of traditional DR.

Business Continuity

Ensure continuous availability for business-critical applications through planned events and unplanned disasters.

One Minute RPO

Deliver near-synchronous replication without latency and distance restrictions with our lightweight snapshot (LWS) technology.

Customizable Options

Leverage flexible configurations, including asymmetric clusters, hub-and-spoke mode, and fully connected mesh deployments.

The Definitive Guide to Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Examine enterprise challenges and trends around availability and data protection—an area that has lagged in the modernization of infrastructure and applications. See how the simpler, more cost-effective approach taken by the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can close the gap between where your data protection is today and where it needs to be.

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Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

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