Robot Watchdog and Drone Protect Ancient Pompeii

Boston Dynamics robot dog Spot and the Leica BLK2FLY drone help keep a watchful digital eye over the ancient Roman ruins at Pompeii.


How Cloud-Based Energy Monitoring Can Help Consumers Reduce Their Energy Bills

These cloud-based energy monitoring services are helping people manage utility costs.


Can Cloud Computing Help Employers Overcome the Great Resignation?

How businesses are turning to cloud-powered tools to hire new talent and improve employee experiences.

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Modernizing IT in Italy, Where Change Doesn’t Come Easily

In change-resistant Italy, two guys built a team to help businesses modernize their IT systems with software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure and services.

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Next-Generation Computing Platforms Unshackling IT

In this Tech Barometer podcast segment, IT analyst Holger Mueller explains how new hybrid cloud platforms are opening the door for faster, easier and more agile IT operations that work across private data centers and public cloud services.