Green Data Centers: Designing an Eco-Smart Future

Renewable energy and cloud-powered solutions lead the way for data center sustainability.


Telehealth Takes Off After COVID-19

The public health emergency loosened regulations that allowed healthcare providers to quickly turn on telehealth technologies, but will the lessons learned during the pandemic help rewrite the rules for the future?


Last-Mover Advantage Puts Asia-Pacific-Japan Ahead in Cloud

Technology experts in the APJ explain why companies in the region are reaping the benefits of a patient approach to the public cloud.

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Meet Rick Vanover, the Batman of Backup

Product strategist at Veeam, the cloud-backup pioneer, talks about his passion for data protection in an age of rising cyber threats.

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Breaking the Paradox of Cost Savings vs. Competitive Innovation

A business analyst and IT industry leaders explore the challenges of staying competitive through a crisis, as more companies move to hybrid multicloud IT operations.