Time is Right for a DaaS Uprising

As a college student he led peaceful protests against his country’s ruthless authoritarian president, and today Nikola Bozinovic is using those same revolutionary skills to make desktop-as-a-service the next big thing in enterprise cloud computing.

By Ken Kaplan



This CIO Gets Tech Tips at Coffee Shops and Racetracks

San Mateo County CIO Jon Walton, an avid racecar driver who makes time to  chat with residents at local eateries, believes a tight budget is no excuse for being a tech laggard.

By Ken Kaplan


Don’t Call it a Comeback, Data Tape Has Been Here for Years!

Can innovation ensure magnetic tape remains a viable data backup medium or will spinning disks and solid-state drives prove more resilient?

By Jacob Gedetsis


A Sound Decision Leads to a Revolution in Hearing

How Achin Bhowmik brought AI and perceptual computing skills to Starkey and reinvented the hearing aid.

By Joel Keller

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A photograph of Wendy Pfieffer

The CIO Who Drinks Her Own Champagne

Nutanix CIO Wendy M. Pfeiffer has a track record of running companies on their own technologies, and a knack for building a highly trained, diverse workforce.

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How developing and running applications in the cloud is accelerating business success.


App Dev at the Speed of Business

Cloud native and DevOps combine to accelerate business application lifecycles


3 Essentials for Securing Hybrid Cloud

Migration to hybrid cloud requires a fresh look at data security.


Cloud Computing Reconfigures Workforce

Cloud technologies are driving a data-based economy that is shifting the focus on professional skills needed to thrive.


Banks Make Progress but Still Struggle to Go Digital

The financial industry is turning to technologies that improve customer and employee experiences, but they also must compete with online-only insurgents.


Moving to True Hybrid Cloud

The quest for seamless interoperability between public and private cloud is shifting IT's focus from infrastructure to applications


Tech Hits Tipping Point

A perfect storm of technologies has cracked open an unprecedented ‘innovation aperture’ that no industry can afford to ignore.


Public Cloud Security is a Shared Responsibility

As the Timehop breach illustrates, failure to apply enterprise security policies to public cloud services can have dire consequences.


Robots: Friend or Foe?

AI is gearing up to change the future of work, as companies like Houston Mechatronics and Zyrobotics apply it to jobs that are dangerous, expensive or short on human resources.


Balancing Innovation with Privacy

A formidable goal, but will state and federal legislation help or hinder business?