Reliance on Robots Rises During Pandemic

From disinfection to triage, cloud-powered robots helped hospitals weather the first waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. Will they remain critical to humanity after the virus is gone?


Cloudifying and Simplifying Databases

The relentless need for data makes it impossible to maintain business as usual, so Bala Kuchibhotla created a new way to run databases…as a service.


How the TED Conference Went Virtual

When COVID-19 forced events to shut down, the world’s premier public speaking conference turned to cloud computing to keep important ideas flowing.

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Leadership is Everyone's Business

Leaders are made, not born… and the era when the boss was always right and barked orders to the company’s worker bees has become obsolete. The work of Professor Jim Kouzes, and his collaborator Barry Posner, in the field of leadership studies has been one reason why people are becoming better leaders. On this podcast we explore why leaders are the best learners, and why it’s necessary for leaders to discover and make known their values and beliefs.

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This CIO Gets Tech Tips at Coffee Shops and Race Tracks

San Mateo County CIO Jon Walton, an avid racecar driver who makes time to chat with residents at local eateries, believes a tight budget is no excuse for being a tech laggard.

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Manage Through a Global Crisis with These 3 Priorities

Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey discusses the three top priorities his leadership team uses to find clarity among the confusion and disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic.