Can Open Source Software Help Resolve AI Trust Issues?

Open source software’s collaborative, community-based approach can provide a roadmap for addressing concerns around disruptive AI development.


4 Steps for Building an IT Sustainability Strategy

In this video interview, Mat Brown, senior technical marketing engineer at Nutanix, describes the growing importance of managing carbon emissions from IT operations and outlines a four-step process for tackling the challenges.


Report Shows Top Demands Driving Hybrid Multicloud Adoption

The 2024 Enterprise Cloud Index shows use of hybrid multicloud IT doubling over the next few years while prioritizing increased investments in artificial intelligence capabilities and managing a growing number of databases are among the biggest challenges.

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Simplifying Hybrid Cloud and Migrations to Azure Public Cloud

Simplifying Hybrid Cloud and Migrations to Azure Public Cloud

Rene van den Bedem of Microsoft’s Cloud and AI division ensures that Nutanix and VMware hypervisors run in Azure. In this profile, he discusses his rapid-fire approach to problem-solving, the spread of AI-powered copilots and a paradigm shift in data center capabilities.

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