Why IT Professionals Need to Embrace Low/No Code Automation

Automation has been eliminating manual, repetitive processes since the beginning of the machine age. Now, advanced user interfaces and machine learning are helping software developers and other IT professionals build applications with little or no code, bringing the benefits of automation into their working lives.


COVID-19 Expediting IT Modernization as Remote Work, Tech Resiliency Become Imperative

Raman Venkatraman of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), talks about how software-defined IT systems help different industry leaders thrive in unpredictable times.


Building Business Resilience to Face Any Challenge

IT experts from ServiceNow and Nutanix explain how finding the right organizational structure, business applications and technology infrastructure helps companies handle difficult times.

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Autodesk University’s Journey to Virtual Workstations

Autodesk University is the flagship conference of the design software maker Autodesk. One of its most famous products is Auto-CAD, which is so data intensive it requires a workstation to run. The company used to set up a fleet of hundreds of these machines for Autodesk University, held each year in Las Vegas, to train users in Auto-CAD and other high performance design software. But no more. With advances like Nutanix Xi Frame, a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) technology, Autodesk University users learn on virtual machines running in the cloud.

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Forging New Technology Categories

After joining Nutanix’s Board of Directors, Sohaib Abbasi reflects on how he helped Oracle pioneer relational databases..

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The Role of a Chief Data Officer Explained

As data becomes more important in the business world, responsibility for how it’s collected, managed and used increasingly lands on the CDO.