In the Digital Age, It’s Still All About People

Technology is empowering companies to change dramatically, but Kate O’Neill reminds them not to forget that people make it all worthwhile.

By Erin Poulson


Desktop-as-a-Service Strengthen Teaching and Teamwork

Collaborative workspaces gaining popularity in the classroom and the workspace.

By Jacob Gedetsis


Why an MBA Isn’t the Only Way to Reach the C-Suite

Educators and company founders argue that a master’s degree in business administration isn’t the only pathway to leadership roles.

By Damon Brown

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What Attracts People to IT?

Widespread digital transformation and automation spark need for new skills that will shape the future of IT.


How Kentucky's Youngest Master Distiller Uses Tech to Make Better Bourbon

Caleb Kilburn helps the family-run Peerless Distillery uses IoT, cloud computing and other technologies to manage and automate business data and improve the spirit making process.


Rethinking Workloads for the Cloud Era

Knowing how and where data is processed and managed is more critical than ever in a world of private and public cloud.


Serverless Computing: Beyond the Hype

Function-as-a-service may be the future of cloud, but not all applications are candidates.

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Ben Ravani: Path to Authentic Leadership

What makes a better leader? It starts with being a better person, according to Ben Ravani, former Senior Vice President of Reliability Engineering at Nutanix. He talks about how mindfulness and the quest for authenticity are critical behaviors for a leader today, especially in a time of tremendous technology disruption.

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Sound Decision Leads to Revolution in Hearing

How Achin Bhowmik brought AI and perceptual computing skills to Starkey and reinvented the hearing aid.