How Oil & Gas Can Bridge the Gap Between IT and OT

To manage the vast amounts of data now being generated by industrial equipment, companies are moving beyond their legacy IT infrastructure.

By Calvin Hennick


End-User Computing Puts IT Focus on Business Consumers

Ruben Spruijt, Sr. Technologist for Nutanix, discusses the need for end-user computing tech for business consumers that is simple, easy-to-use and trustworthy.

By Brian Carlson


Moving Telecommunication and Media Industries with the Speed of Cloud

Why software and services provider, Amdocs, turned to native cloud technologies to modernize their IT, and never looked back.

By Ken Kaplan

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Letting Go of the Information Technology Iceberg

Corporate strategist Virginia Gambale shines light on fear, the unspoken reason many digital transformations are slow to start.


Get Ready for Infinite Computing


As cloud technologies evolve and proliferate, analyst Holger Mueller sees a future where limitless connectivity, data science and computing power let enterprises mine the vast potential of machine intelligence and deep learning.


Seeing the Future Through Cloud Computing

In an increasingly complex world driven by data technologies, it’s time to flip the pyramid of priorities, according to Constellation Research founder Ray Wang.


Libraries Turn to Cloud-Computing for Storage Needs

Through cloud-based services, libraries find new ways to serve patrons.


How Design Helps HR Attract Top Talent

Design-centered thinking techniques begin with a focus on empathy. So does hiring the best employees.

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Analyst Ray Wang – Thoughts on effects of pandemic on tech

Now that the world has been essentially ushered indoors, the integrity of internet and cloud to continue to serve all users is a question. Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research joins us to talk about this, as well as about companies that have updated their IT with hybrid cloud and multi-cloud systems. While battle-tested security and backup have been done in view of normal operations, are they up to the task of handling a sudden global shift in user behavior because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Ray also addresses their ability to keep remote workers connected.

Executive Spotlight


She Brings Bollywood Flair to Silicon Valley Tech

Monica Kumar keeps enterprise software company Nutanix focused on inspiring people and exceeding customer expectations.