Rebel Developers and Business Leaders Unite in New Book about DevOps

In this excerpt, The Unicorn Project author Gene Kim takes readers into a world where different business teams join forces in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

By Ken Kaplan


Built-in Customer Experience Analytics Boost ROI

How Nutanix shifted customer experience from reactive to proactive to predictive using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help enterprise IT teams address future trends now.

By Tom Mangan


5 Ways 5G Will Impact the Enterprise

5G promises a new generation of transformative applications, but it also creates fresh challenges for security and the network edge.

By Paul Desmond

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Every Company is a Security Company

Ben Ravani of Nutanix explains why data security is the first priority for any enterprise cloud service.


DevOps is Reshaping IT and Fueling Dynamic Learning Organizations

Best-selling author and technology workplace researcher Gene Kim talks about his new book, The Unicorn Project, and how the DevOps movement is revolutionizing how IT organizations bring business value.


Why Financial Services Move to Hybrid Cloud

Experts explain why moving workloads to the public cloud to save money is no longer the no-brainer that many initially thought.


Nordic Mine Converted to Eco-Friendly Data Safehouse

To meet the growing needs of enterprise data storage across Europe, Lefdal Mine Data Center retrofitted an ancient mine in a Norwegian fjord that now houses a 1.3 million square-foot data center powered by hydro and wind, pushing investments in the Nordic data center market to nearly $7 billion.


Smartphone Odyssey: Extreme Innovation Taps Into Cloud

Smartphone collector and CSS Insight Chief Analyst Ben Wood tells how the text and talk device evolved into a portable supercomputer now used by one-fifth of the world’s population. He then looks ahead and explains how 5G and AI will keep smartphones on the cutting edge. 

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Steve Poitras: Birth of the Nutanix Bible

In the early days, people had no idea what hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) was, recalled Steven Poitras, principal solutions architect at Nutanix, the pioneer and a consistent leader of HCI. Poitras talks about why he created the Nutanix Bible and how it continues to help customers who are modernizing their IT.

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On-Demand CIO Patricio Colombo Points Way to Cloud

This freelance CIO takes a bird’s-eye view to help companies modernize legacy IT.