BAE Systems Moves Government Defense Projects to Hybrid Multicloud

How evolving data technologies drive value for one of the world’s largest defense contractors.


Cloud Computing Reformats Tax Preparation

As more taxpayers turn to DIY solutions, cloud-based tax preparation software is helping accountants improve their services and stay competitive.


Hungry for Sustainability: How Technology Can Help Control Food Waste and Climate Change

Cloud-based solutions like Shelf Engine and Freshspire are helping in the global fight against food waste.

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Data Deluge Keeps Healthcare CIOs Up at Night

Smart medical management data holds the promise of improving patient care for everyone while lowering the sky-high cost of delivering it. How can providers harness their data for progress?

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Application Resiliency in the Hybrid Cloud: A Primer

Mission-critical applications in the cloud need to adapt and keep functioning in the face of disruptions and unforeseen events.