What Ford vs. Ferrari Tells us About Computing in 2020

An Oscar-winning film about an epic automotive rivalry in the 1960s shows how much things have changed in 50 years.


Vodafone's Remote Desktop Strategy During COVID-19

Vodafone’s lead architect for remote access describes how virtual desktop technology leverages hyperconverged infrastructure and public cloud to empower the telecom company’s large, highly distributed workforce.


Law and Tech Combine to Fight for Justice

CIO Herman Brown leads the San Francisco District Attorney’s office through digital transformation, bringing lawyers and crime investigators into the digital age.


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Autodesk University’s Journey to Virtual Workstations

Autodesk University is the flagship conference of the design software maker Autodesk. One of its most famous products is Auto-CAD, which is so data intensive it requires a workstation to run. The company used to set up a fleet of hundreds of these machines for Autodesk University, held each year in Las Vegas, to train users in Auto-CAD and other high performance design software. But no more. With advances like Nutanix Xi Frame, a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) technology, Autodesk University users learn on virtual machines running in the cloud.

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Cultivating Private and Hybrid Cloud Across Europe, Middle East and Africa

Sammy Zoghlami explains why private cloud is sexy again and how companies across EMEA are turning to hybrid cloud to shape the future.