It’s About Business and Technology Transformation

Tech innovations aren’t enough to keep companies ahead of the curve. Their stakeholders need to buy in to new approaches and skills, according to Brent Schroeder, CTO of SUSE.


Tech Companies Assist with COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines are finally bringing some relief. Here’s how data management technologies are helping track shots.


Think Global, Act Local: Database Management Comes to Hybrid Cloud

New technology lets organizations unlock the potential of multicloud database management without all the cost and risk.

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Proactive Customer Service in the Subscription Era

As-a-service technologies and subscription models are changing customer service. In this Tech Barometer podcast segment, the Head of Nutanix Customer Success Inder Sidhu explains the importance of shifting from reactive to proactive customer service.

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Automation’s Positive Impact on IT Careers

Artificial intelligence and automation will create as many jobs as it displaces, experts predict.