Remarkable Career Path Prepared Him to Become Nutanix CEO

Rajiv Ramaswami talks about his 30-year journey from the railways of India to the driver seat of some of the technology world’s most innovative companies.


The Power and Novelty of Cloud Native

New innovations can quickly become IT sweethearts, but what’s best for the business remains the overriding factor for deployment. Data and storage analyst Steve McDowell explains the desire for and challenges of cloud native technologies.


10 Essential Steps to Hybrid Multicloud IT

In this special Tech Barometer podcast compilation, Nutanix CIO Wendy M. Pfeiffer shares lessons learned from leading a significant shift to next-generation cloud technologies.

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Rajiv Ramaswami — IT Infrastructure Guy

Infrastructure has been a defining feature of his lifelong journey from the railways of his homeland to the leadership of Nutanix. But infrastructure does not define him.

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How Hybrid Multicloud IT Unlocks the Future of Business

The CIO of Nutanix shares her vision for how software-defined hybrid cloud IT technologies will unleash human potential.