How Kentucky's Youngest Master Distiller Uses Tech to Make Better Bourbon

Caleb Kilburn helps the family-run Peerless Distillery uses IoT, cloud computing and other technologies to manage and automate business data and improve the spirit making process.

By Jennifer Goforth Gregory


Manufacturers Rank Near the Top of Cloud Adopters

Plans to double usage within 2 years could help them circumvent innovation impasse.

By Joanie Wexler


New Wave of Innovation Targets Human Health

Trendspotter Jeremiah Owyang sees technology disrupting the health and wellness industry with a force compounded by previous waves of innovation.

By Ken Kaplan

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5 Ways 5G Will Impact the Enterprise  

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Promise and Pitfalls of Multicloud

Technical and management complexity problems are frustrating organizations in their pursuit of seamless multicloud workload migration.


How Budget Friendly Is the Public Cloud?

Experts explain why moving workloads to the public cloud to save money is no longer the no-brainer that many initially thought.


Cloud Usage Report 2019 Shows Shift in How Companies Consume Cloud Services

Study finds the appetite for cloud services is growing, and companies are turning to Microsoft Azure faster than AWS to manage workloads in the public cloud.


Bikes Built on Rocket Science

Trek Bikes’ Brian Oamek talks about the transformative power of a good bike and the cloud technologies used to make them.

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Matt Young: Enterprise Cloud Catching on Across Asia, Pacific and Japan

In what he calls one of the most volatile regions in the world, Matt Young is helping companies modernize their IT. In this segment, Nutanix senior vice president of sales for Asia-Pacific-Japan region describes how he deals with demanding managers and cautious executives from cultures dating to ancient times as they grapple with 21st Century realities.

Executive Spotlight

IoT Growth Brings Need for New Operating System

As machines outpace human creation and consumption of data, it could be time for a new operating system to control massively distributed computing systems, according to Satyam Vaghani, vice president and general manager for IoT and AI at Nutanix.