Birth and Life of the Nutanix Bible

Creator Steven Poitras explains the genesis and evolution of a modern IT guidebook, as he prepares to turn it into a video series.

By Tom Mangan


The Data Center is the New Uber

Zach Hilliard of Cyxtera explains how innovations like hyperconverged infrastructure and enterprise cloud software are modernizing IT, making data centers more cohesive with new technologies.

By Tom Mangan


DevOps is Reshaping IT and Fueling Dynamic Learning Organizations

Best-selling author and technology workplace researcher Gene Kim talks about his new book, The Unicorn Project, and how the DevOps movement is revolutionizing how IT organizations bring business value.

By Ken Kaplan

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Local Governments Take New Approach to Fighting Cybercrime

As smart city technologies bring new services to local residents, government CIOs move from an end point to a centralized approach to security.


Why Building Empathy into APIs Makes Everything Play Nice Together

API architect Kollivakkam Raghavan explains why engineers need to think about others when developing API interfaces.


How the Cloud Sparked a Second Renaissance for IT

Senior enterprise technology Analyst Steve McDowell discusses the evolution of the modern IT as it faces a software-defined future.


Why an MBA Isn’t the Only Way to Reach the C-Suite

Educators and company founders argue that a master’s degree in business administration isn’t the only pathway to leadership roles.


Secret to Digital Transformation Success: Speed at Scale

How to streamline digital adoption, learning and implementation by scaling digital transformation efforts.

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Wake Up to Infinite Computing

“When you can’t count it, and you can consume it as much as you need it for your business, it becomes practically infinite,” said Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst of Constellation Research. In this Tech Barometer segment, learn about Mueller’s vision of infinite computing and what it means for businesses to have computing at a snap of a finger.

Executive Spotlight


Who’s Driving Your Government IT?

San Mateo County CIO Jon Walton, an avid racecar driver who makes time to chat with residents at local eateries, believes a tight budget is no excuse for being a tech laggard.