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Government IT Solutions for State & Local Agencies

Balance the need for expanded and improved IT services with inevitable budget restrictions. Public sector IT teams must often make difficult resourcing choices; Nutanix enables a simple, scalable path to IT modernization within budget constraints.

Nutanix is acutely aware of recent ransomware attacks on State and Local government entities. Our platform has always provided built-in prevent, detect, and recover features and Nutanix continues to enhance those features to meet evolving threats. Click here to learn more about the Nutanix approach to cyber attacks and data loss.

Transform Government IT with an Enterprise Cloud

10 Reasons for State & Local Agencies to Partner with Nutanix for simple, and secure cloud-smart modernization.

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State & Local Agencies Adopt As-a-Service Solutions in a Time of Pandemic Crisis

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, state and local governments have undertaken massive, rapid efforts to boldly implement secure telework and remote-access IT solutions.

Simpler IT for More Agile Government

The Center for Digital Government explores the ways that hyperconverged infrastructure is simplifying public sector IT.

Enable Simplicity, Scale, and Savings

Nutanix has helped hundreds of government departments and agencies make the transition to efficient and virtualized data centers and clouds built on hyperconverged infrastructure. With predictable economics and enterprise-grade performance, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud enables public sector organizations to deliver better services within budget and staffing parameters.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Advantage

Simplify IT infrastructure and associated tasks so your teams have the freedom to focus on new projects and initiatives—even as you effortlessly keep your critical services up and running.

Scale as Needed

Scale flexibly by adding nodes only as needed—no need to over-provision or create silos of storage.

Cut Downtime

Minimize downtime with non-disruptive upgrades and affordable, app-centric disaster recovery capabilities.

Deploy Quickly

Get up and running in days, not week, and without significant upfront planning and configuration.

Enable Mobility

Keep up with public preferences for multi-channel interactions via workload consolidation and cloud offerings.

Reduce Operational Costs

Cut CapEx and OpEx by up to 50% and lower power, space, and cooling requirements by up to 80%.

Ensure Security

Deliver data security with built-in protections that exceed the requirements of the US government.

The Definitive Guide to Remote and Branch Office IT

Meet the IT infrastructure needs of remote and branch offices, and solve issues of app performance, data protection, and security while controlling costs. Find out how to deliver an easy to manage and deploy hyperconverged environment for a distributed workforce.

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State and Local Governments Embrace Next-Gen IT Infrastructure

Today, advanced data centers across the world, like San Mateo County, rely on Nutanix’s HCI solutions to power a variety of workloads at any scale. Hyperconvergence radically simplifies how infrastructure is deployed and managed, and reduces the footprint of IT infrastructure by up to 90%.

Realizing the Promise of Cloud
in State and Local Government

Nutanix and Market Connections conducted a study of U.S. state and local government entities to better understand how they are using cloud, how it is supporting their requirements, and where opportunities exist to optimize their resources.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for State and Local Government Shared Services

Nutanix has a comprehensive offering for state government CIOs seeking to leverage shared services and cloud services.

Are You Prepared for Ransomware?

While there are no absolute defenses against malware and ransomware, there are means by which organizations can improve their defensive posture. In this report, we’ll look at how Nutanix can help you fortify your defenses.

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