Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM)

NCM is a holistic multicloud management platform, that makes it easier for enterprises to build, use, operate, and govern their applications and IT infrastructure. It offers intelligent operations, including monitoring, insights, and automated remediation. Self-service and orchestration streamline team tasks for scaling applications in hybrid clouds. NCM also enhances financial accountability, offering cost governance, resource optimization, and clear cloud metering and chargeback visibility. Moreover, it unifies security operations across clouds, automating incident response through intelligent analysis and compliance tools.

Together with Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure, NCM forms the basis of Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) which delivers a consistent operating model across all types of clouds: public, private, and hybrid. 


  • Intelligent Operations 
    • NCM Intelligent Operations enables customers to optimize virtualization and infrastructure management, forecast capacity needs, proactively detect performance anomalies, and automate operational tasks with ease and confidence.
  • Self-Service 
    • NCM Self-Service and Orchestration enable organizations to streamline the way they provision, scale, and manage new or existing applications across multiple environments while managing consumption and governance.
  • Cost Governance 
    • NCM Cost Governance is a multicloud cost governance service that provides customers with visibility, optimization, and control over their multicloud deployments for improved cloud consumption.
  • Security Central 
    • Nutanix Security Central provides a single dashboard to plan for, manage, and govern workload security on any cloud type without the need for deep cybersecurity training or additional personnel. The solution also uses intelligent analysis to automate incident response and aid regulatory compliance for strategic initiatives such as zero trust.

NCM Editions (On-Premises)


Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) Starter

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) Pro

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) Ultimate

What you get

Easily and quickly gain back the control and visibility of AHV and ESXi virtual environments across the organization by implementing Infrastructure AIOps.

Intelligent Ops

  • Reporting
  • Capacity Forecast and Planning
  • Resource Inefficiency Detection and Right-sizing
  • Support for ESXi on non-NCI Environments
  • Low-code/No-code Operations Automation

Empower user innovation by providing self-service automation and advance service monitoring for on-premises and public cloud from the same console, but without losing control of the infrastructure resources and their cost. Includes all features in NCM Starter, and:

Intelligent Ops

  • SQL Server Monitoring for IT Ops
  • Application Discovery
  • Self-tuning with Machine Learning


  • Self-Service Marketplace
  • IaaS VM Blueprints
  • Advanced Orchestration Runbooks

Cost Governance

  • Cost Metering 
  • Cloud Visibility and Optimization
  • Budgeting and Chargeback

Unlock the possibility of providing tailored and advanced platform services from the marketplace console, and apply additional control mechanisms for ensuring a better utilization of the resources and their security at cloud scale. Includes all features in NCM Pro, and:


  • App Blueprints
  • Governance (Approvals & Scheduler) 

Security Compliance

  • Security Monitoring & Remediation
  • Network Security Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance

NCM SaaS Editions (Multicloud)

NCM SaaS – Self-Service NCM SaaS – Cost-Governance NCM SaaS – Security Central

NCM Self Service capabilities in a managed service model

  • Self-service Marketplace
  • IaaS (Single-VM) Blueprints
  • Advanced Orchestration Runbooks
  • App (multi-VM) blueprints
  • Governance (Approvals and Scheduler)

NCM Cost Governance capabilities in a managed service model

  • Cost Metering for Public and Private Cloud Resources
  • Cloud Visibility and Optimization
  • Budgeting and Chargeback

NCM Security Central capabilities in a managed service model

  • Security Monitoring and Remediation
  • Network Security Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance

SKUs for New Licensing

Type SKU Format Example SKU(s)
NCM SaaS Licensing (New and Renewals use same SKUs)
STR - Starter
PRO - Pro
ULT - Ultimate
SAAS Editions
CM - Cost Management
SC - Security Central
SS - Self-Service
Support Levels
PR - Production Support
MC - Mission Critical Support
FP - Federal Production Support
FM - Federal Mission Critical Support
AP - Authorized Partner, Production Support
AM – Authorized Partner, Mission Critical Support

* MC, FM, AP, and AM support levels are available for On-premises editions only, not available for SaaS Editions
** FP support level not available for NCM SaaS Self-Service (SS), available for all other editions including on-premises editions and SaaS Cost Management (CM) and Security Central (SC).

Cloud Add-ons Available

  • By default, NCM provides coverage for all Nutanix and on-prem VMware environments. For supporting public cloud environments using the same NCM deployment, customers should purchase appropriate NCM SaaS SKUs as add-ons.

Pricing, Deployment, and Licensing Terms


  • NCM (on-premises) is priced on a per core basis and licensing must cover the entire number of cores for full capacity of the cluster being licensed.
  • NCM SaaS is priced on a virtual instance basis and licensing must cover the maximum number of concurrently powered-on VMs.


  • For on-prem environments, Cost Governance is available for AHV and ESXi on AOS and Security Central is available for AHV.

Licensing Terms

  • All SKUs deliver term licenses, and are configurable for any duration between 6-60 months. Licenses must be renewed for continued access to software and support.
  • Disaster Recovery sites require separate licensing.
  • Encryption support is subject to export laws. Contact your account representative to confirm eligibility. 
  • The Nutanix End-User Licensing Agreement  is applicable for all NCI software.

Related Offerings and Services

  • Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) and Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) can be purchased together in 3 ‘better together’ Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) bundles: (i) NCP Starter which includes NCI Pro and NCM Pro, (ii) NCP Pro which includes NCI Ultimate and NCM Pro and (iii) NCP Ultimate which includes NCI Ultimate and NCM Ultimate.
  • Professional Services are offered for Cloud & IT Automation with various tiers. More details on this link.
  • Fast Track ala carte Services are 1-2 day engagements aimed at getting customers started with NCM with  quick turn around, FastTrack for (i) NCM Intelligent Operations (ii) NCM Self-Service and (iii) NCM Cost Governance
  • Professional services for cluster deployment are recommended for new and significant expansion deployments.

Note: NCM offer and all SKUs mentioned in this document are part of the ‘PnP 2.0’ product portfolio from Nutanix and are priced according to a low list, low discount regime. For specific details, please contact your Nutanix Account Team