Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS)

Nutanix Unified Storage™ (NUS) is a software-defined data services platform that consolidates the management and protection of siloed block, file, and object storage into a single, unified platform. NUS harnesses the power of rich data services such as analytics, ransomware protection, lifecycle management, and data protection. These features enable organizations to seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing requirements of modern applications, allowing them to shift their management focus from data storage to data management. Leveraging the Nutanix Cloud Platform™ (NCP) software, NUS is specifically built to meet the needs of modern applications deployed across core, cloud, and edge infrastructure. With its capacity for seamless scaling, high performance, and integrated data security, NUS provides a comprehensive solution for organizations. 


  • Nutanix Files Storage: simple and secure software-defined scale-out file storage solution to store, manage, and scale files data (NFS and SMB) 
  • Nutanix Objects Storage: distributed scale-out S3-compatible object storage for both archive and high-performance analytics
  • Nutanix Volumes Storage: high-performance low-latency block storage
  • Nutanix Data Lens: available as an add-on for data analytics, anomaly behavior detection and ransomware protection
  • Nutanix AOS: scale-out storage technology that makes hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) possible.
  • Nutanix AHV: lightweight cloud hypervisor built into Nutanix platform and offers enterprise-grade storage capabilities and built-in Kubernetes support.
  • App VMs running on storage: NUS dedicated clusters are entitled to 1 app/user VM per node in the cluster. NCI clusters don’t have any limit on the number of app/user VMs on the cluster.

NUS Software Editions

Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS) Starter
Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS) Pro

Ideal for low-cost capacity-optimized use cases such as Backup, Archive and Video Surveillance.

Storage Services

  • Files (NFS and SMB) – Archive use cases only with >500TiB per cluster and no/low random IO requirement
  • Objects (S3)

Performance and Media Types

  • Hybrid nodes
  • Throughput optimized

Ideal for all use cases that require blend of performance and capacity such as high-performance file shares, AI/ML, HPC, life-sciences, manufacturing and healthcare.

Storage Services

  • Files (NFS and SMB)
  • Objects (S3)
  • Volumes (iSCSI)

Performance and Media Types

  • All-Flash and Hybrid nodes
  • Throughput and IOPS

Data Protection

File Share Snapshots and Replication (Smart DR), Streaming Objects Replication, Change-File Tracking (CFT) Backups

Data Efficiency

Erasure Coding (ECx), Compression and Deduplication, File/Objects Tiering to Cloud / Objects, S3 Select

Data Security and Compliance

WORM, Object Versioning, S3 Object Locking, Network Segmentation incl. VPC support, Anti-Virus support

Data Mobility and Migration

Move File Migration from 3rd Party (NFS and SMB), File Share Consolidation (Smart Sync), Object Replication to Cloud*


Prism Central, Objects Browser, File Analytics, Kubernetes CSI and COSI Support, Global S3 Namespace

Advanced Data Services Add-on (Optional)**

Not available on Starter

Advanced Replication Add-on

Metro File Sync Replication, Near-sync VM-level Replication

Security Add-on

Data-at-rest Encryption, Key Management Services

Data Lens Add-on (Optional)

Not available on Starter

Data Lens Free

File and Object Data Analytics

Data Lens Premium

Ransomware Protection and Recovery, Permissions Risk Analysis, Auditing, Behavioral Analytics and Alerts, Active Risk Remediation

*Coming soon.  
**Advanced Data Services add-ons apply only to dedicated clusters; NCI clusters require NCI Ultimate or NCI Pro with optional NCI Advanced Replication and NCI Security add-ons.

Available SKUs

Type SKU Format Example SKU(s)
STR - Starter
PRO - Pro
ULT - Ultimate
ADR – Advanced Disaster Recovery
SEC - Security
Support Levels
PR - Production Support
MC - Mission Critical Support
FP - Federal Production Support
FM - Federal Mission Critical Support
AP - Authorized Partner, Production Support
AM – Authorized Partner, Mission Critical Support

Product Add-ons Available

  • Advanced Replication can be optionally added to clusters with NUS Pro allowing customers to leverage Metro File Sync or Near-sync VM / PD-level replication. This capability can be added in one of 2 ways: (a) NUS clusters running in dedicated mode add NUS Advanced Replication add-on. (b) NUS clusters running in NCI mode either have NCI Ultimate or NCI Pro with NCI Advanced Replication add-on.
  • Security add-on option is available on clusters with NUS Pro or NUS Starter allowing customers to leverage data-at-rest encryption and key management services. NUS clusters running in dedicated mode require NUS Security add-on. NUS clusters running in NCI mode require either NCI Ultimate or NCI Pro with NCI Security add-on. 
  • Nutanix Data Lens Premium can be added to clusters with NUS Pro or NUS Starter for Ransomware Protection and Recovery, Access / Permissions Risk Analysis, Long-term Auditing, Smart Tiering, Behavioral Analytics and Alerts and Active Risk Remediation.
  • Nutanix Data Lens Free version is available only on clusters with NUS Pro for file and object data analytics

Pricing, Deployment, and Licensing Terms


  • NUS is priced per TiB of usable capacity available to clients and applications.
  • List price varies dynamically based on the capacity purchased. For instance, 5000 TiBs NUS Pro will have a lower $/TiB list price than 2000 TiBs of NUS Pro.
  • Capacities being purchased across multiple sites and clusters can be combined to get the lowest $/TiB list price. For instance, a customer requiring 10 clusters with 100TiB each can purchase 1000TiB together to get the lowest $/TiB list price.


  • NUS is a software-defined storage platform and runs on and is portable across a variety of vendor platforms including Nutanix appliances, OEM platforms, third-party servers, and public cloud platforms, as specified in our hardware platforms website page.
  • NUS can be deployed in either NCI mode (cluster licensed for NCI and NUS), or in dedicated mode (cluster licensed for NUS only). NUS clusters running in dedicated mode allows for a maximum of 1 user/app VM per node in the cluster. System VMs like CVM and FSVMs are not counted towards this limit. If more user/app VMs are required, NUS must be deployed in NCI mode.
  • NUS Advanced Replication and Security add-ons are required only for NUS clusters running in dedicated mode only. NUS clusters running in NCI mode require NCI Ultimate or NUS Pro with NCI Advanced Replication add-on and/or NCI Security add-on.
  • Capacity that is tiered to the cloud or another objects cluster needs to be licensed at the source. For example, a files cluster with 200TiB on primary and 300TiB tiered to a secondary storage needs to be licensed for 500TiBs on the primary cluster. If the secondary storage is a Nutanix cluster, then the capacity that has been tiered to it doesn’t require any additional license since that capacity is already licensed at the primary.

Licensing Terms

  • All SKUs deliver term licenses, and are configurable for any duration between 6-60 months. Licenses must be renewed for continued access to software and support.
  • Disaster Recovery sites require separate licensing.
  • Encryption support is subject to export laws. Contact your account representative to confirm eligibility. 
  • The Nutanix End-User Licensing Agreement  is applicable for all NCI software.

Related Services

  • NCI-VDI provides NUS features licensed on a per concurrent user basis (with a maximum usage per user) and is specifically designed for VDI use cases.
  • Professional services for cluster deployment are recommended for new and significant expansion deployments.

Note that the NUS offer and all SKUs mentioned in this document are part of the ‘PnP 2.0’ product portfolio from Nutanix and are priced according to a low list, low discount regime. For specific details, please contact your Nutanix Account Team