One-click App Migration

Make the move to Nutanix one-click simple

Automate the mundane and cumbersome steps required to manually migrate or rebuild VMs on an AHV environment.

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2018 Enterprise Cloud Index:
97% of users said that the ability to move easily between clouds is a requirement.

Simplify VM Migrations

Adopting new infrastructure platforms often requires organizations to migrate existing workloads against tight timelines. Nutanix Move simplifies this process with infrastructure-level bulk VM migrations, removing the friction associated with onboarding new infrastructure, and enabling businesses to quickly leverage the full potential of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, with near-zero VM or application service outage during migrations.

Select the Source

Specify the source cluster where the VMs need to be moved from—Nutanix Move supports both ESX and Hyper-V* for the private cloud and AWS* for the public cloud.

Define the Migration Plan

Once the source VMs have been identified and put into a migration plan, the VMs are replicated through an efficient seeding mechanism to the target AHV cluster.

Migrate with Minimal Downtime

Non-disruptive replication of VMs via VMware’s VADP ensures consistent and efficient replication. Whether VMs are powered up or off, they are kept up-to-date until ready to cutover.

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