Deliver webscale engineering and enterprise availability for your database environment

Meet the high performance and resiliency demands that modern virtualized databases place on IT infrastructure—with room for your other critical workloads as well.

Virtualize Microsoft SQL Server on Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Learn how to leverage the performance and management advantages of Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure for your Microsoft SQL solution.

Powering Business-critical Apps

Consolidate, Simplify, and Accelerate

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud enables organizations to consolidate all types of SQL Server databases and VMs—as well as other critical workloads—onto a single, high-performance platform that provides one-click simplicity, built-in data protection, effortless scale, and non-disruptive upgrades. That’s the power of Nutanix web-scale infrastructure.

Built-in Data Protection and High Availability

Drive Microsoft SQL Server deployments with Nutanix web-scale solutions: a single Nutanix appliance can support transactional and analytical databases simultaneously with terabytes of active data.

Maximize Uptime

Ensure availability with application-consistent backups, simplified recovery, and non-disruptive operations.

Backup and Restore Easily

Take local and remote back-ups and simplify database restores, complementing Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups.

Enjoy Performance and Scale

Deliver linear scale and high performance for both random read/write and sequential storage operations.

Choose Your Hypervisor

Run on your choice of virtualization environments, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V, and AHV.

Leverage Advanced Capabilities

Provide robust data protection with data integrity checks, tunable redundancy, data path redundancy, and more.

Efficient Operations and Simplified Management

Simplify performance troubleshooting with end-to-end visibility and intuitive consumer-grade management, and significantly reduce capital investment and physical footprint.

Use Up to 80% Less Space

Eliminate under-utilized silos and consolidate all Microsoft SQL databases onto a single, dense platform.

Speed Time to Market

Quickly clone and deploy new dev and test environments without worrying about copying data.

Simplify Troubleshooting

Get end-to-end insight into VMs, compute, and storage, and slash time-to-resolution from hours to minutes.

Automate Deployment

Simplify deployments with an easy-to-use-blueprint that includes all custom database configurations, relevant VM setups, and related binaries.

Accelerate Dev Cycles

Give developers their own copies of production databases and automate QA/testing using PowerShell scripts and REST APIs.

Scale Linearly

Scale easily to accommodate data growth, without over-provisioning storage, in order to maintain long-term performance.

Maximally Available Infrastructure Whitepaper

This paper is geared towards the CDO and explains both the problems involved in current data infrastructure and why a modern data infrastructure solves these issues with much greater flexibility, agility and reliability.

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