Nutanix Database Service: DBaaS Across On-Premises and Public Clouds

Make databases simple to manage and easy to consume with the only hybrid multicloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.

Accelerate software development and simplify database management with Nutanix Database Service (NDB). NDB makes databases a seamless part of the software development lifecycle while reducing the administrative burden and delivering high performance, resilience and security.

Where previously we needed up to five days to provision a database cluster, with NDB we can now have this up and running in under an hour. So, if a business unit wants to develop and test a new application, we can rapidly support them, which ultimately means our bank can get innovations to market sooner.

Ali Adel,
Leader of Database Services, BisB

Nutanix Solves Your Toughest Database Challenges

Databases are at the heart of apps and digital services, which are key to creating value and differentiation. Databases enable e-commerce apps to execute and accurately record purchases, banking apps to process transactions with speed and security, healthcare apps to analyze clinical data and deliver insights, and countless other critical capabilities. 

But while databases open up possibilities for innovation, they also pose challenges. For platform engineering teams tasked with the difficult job of providing developers with easy-to-consume data services, databases can be tough to integrate with other platform components and tools. 

Developers, who need fast and easy access to databases to support rapid iteration, sometimes wait days, weeks and even months for new database instances, stifling innovation. Additionally, those who are responsible for maintaining database performance, availability and security, can be overwhelmed by the sheer volume and variety of databases they must manage. 

The solution is Nutanix Database Service, the only hybrid multicloud DBaaS for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. With NDB, database provisioning is simple, fast and secure to support agile application development, while efficiently and securely managing thousands of databases to meet performance, availability and cost requirements.

Nutanix Database Service

Nutanix Database Service diagram

Benefits of NDB

  • Empower platform engineering and ops teams to treat databases as code with REST API and Kubernetes integrations.
  • The NDB Operator for Kubernetes lets developers provision, clone and restore databases with just a few lines of code.
  • Provide developers fast, easy access to PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle.
  • Automate provisioning while maintaining control over database engines and versions that are made available to developers.
  • Clone databases in minutes with minimal storage overhead across one or more Nutanix clusters.
  • Automate operating system and database patches for predetermined maintenance windows to strengthen security posture. Enforce role-based access controls for compliance. 
  • Simplify backup and disaster recovery with integrated snapshots. Tier backups to storage-optimized clusters. Restore databases to specific points in time to meet RPO and RTO objectives.
  • Run databases on modern hybrid multicloud infrastructure across private datacenters, public clouds, and the edge. 
  • Get automated, linear performance scaling and flexible growth capacity. Boost performance and TCO with compute-only nodes.
  • Maintain high availability with automated self-healing, which eliminates the need for user intervention and avoids unnecessary delays.

Resources and Getting Started

Customers worldwide trust Nutanix Database Service to run and simplify the management of their databases, empower platform engineering and developer teams, and accelerate software-driven innovation. To learn more about NDB, visit or take a free test drive at