Realize Higher Business Value Through IT Simplicity

A cloud platform designed to deliver maximum cost savings in all phases of your IT operations—across on-premises, hybrid and multicloud.

HCI-Powered Cloud Platform Designed for Cost Intelligence

“HCI provides single platform storage, networking, and compute that will lower both acquisition and OPEX costs. It delivers a highly reliable, performant, and operationally simple solution. Some Gartner end users have realized time savings of 40% compared to legacy tier IT infrastructure.”

- Gartner Webinars, The I&O Leaders Guide to Gartner’s Cost Intelligence Framework, Duncan Prosser, June 25, 2020

Savings Through Simplicity and Choice

Intelligent cost optimization is built in with Nutanix cloud solutions, helping deliver higher value in every aspect of your IT operations, from datacenter to hybrid and multicloud.

  • 9 months Payback period
  • 62% Lower Cost of Operations over 5 years
  • 477% 5-year ROI

Save 35% or More On Your Multicloud Spend

Monitor cloud costs with a governance solution that provides unified visibility into public and private cloud spending to deliver true hybrid and multicloud benefits.

Realize Higher ROI with 10x Faster End-user Computing Services

With remote work a reality, quickly provisioning reliable services to end users and customers requires careful consideration and budgeting as this impacts the entire workforce—including end customers.

  • Reduced CapEx by 25% to 35%
  • Less than 6 months payback period with Nutanix EUC Solution
  • 90% faster time-to-delivery

Minimize Risks with Built-in Cost Control with One Click DR and Highly Efficient Storage

Ensure security and always-on IT services across your entire business. Keeping data storage safe and data secured are made easy and cost effective with one-click DR including built in files and storage optimization.

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