Nutanix Central

Delivering a universal cloud operating model

Nutanix Central  dramatically simplifies the management of services running on the Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP). With services deployed on-premises or on Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), Nutanix Central, provides global visibility and reporting across hybrid multicloud infrastructures while establishing a cloud governance framework through federated IAM, global projects, fleet, and license management. Via its Marketplace, users can discover, deploy and manage Nutanix services and partner solutions.

Global visibility and reporting

Get a bird’s eye view of your hybrid multicloud infrastructure across datacenters and geographies from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. With comprehensive domain and cluster metrics – including capacity utilization and alert summary statistics – you can easily monitor and maintain the health of your infrastructure. Stay on top of your operations and make informed decisions with the global dashboard.

Nutanix Central Desktop Screenshot

Application-centric management

Effortlessly traverse through registered domains and Nutanix applications deployed in any domain through the unified console based on role-based access controls and other access entitlements.


Discover Nutanix portfolio products along with recommended preferred-partner applications and easily deploy them with confidence and speed in the desired domain.

Nutanix Central Desktop Screenshot NDB

Admin Center

Efficiently manage common administrative tasks across registered domains and Nutanix applications.

Nutanix Central diagram

Cloud control plane

  • Global visibility and reporting across datacenters or cloud and SaaS.
  • Single pane for multi-Prism Central management.

Enterprise cloud governance

  • Support multidomain use cases, including federated IAM, global projects and categories, and global fleet management.
  • Converge insights, license management and other customer-facing services into one unified console.

Seamless multiproduct experience

  • Manage the lifecycle of all Nutanix cloud services through a single console.
  • Seamlessly navigate across all services deployed across all domains.