Nutanix Earns Designation as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ Company

By Rukmini Sivaraman
| min

In today’s competitive technology talent environment, culture is what makes a company stand out amongst the crowd. A strong culture helps us hire faster, bring more A-players on board and retain the team that has driven Nutanix’s past successes as a company. It’s also the driving factor of successful collaboration and enables us to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been officially recognized as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ organization.

The best part about achieving this certification is that it’s entirely driven by employee feedback. Through a research-backed survey, Great Places to Work gathers insights straight from people of all roles at an organization, rather than a select few at the top. The certification confirms at least seven out of ten employees have a consistently positive experience at work — although we ranked above this average, with 87% of employees naming Nutanix a great place to work.

At Nutanix, we have 12 key culture principles we live by, they are part of our everyday culture fabric and we have built Nutanix with these principles at the core of our products and people.

To us, a strong culture means working toward things that matter and staying hungry, humble and honest. We are authentic in the way we communicate, bringing intellectual honesty to the table, even when it is hard. We celebrate our failures and vulnerabilities, which builds courage and integrity. We accept ambiguity and know that oftentimes, the best ideas require a level of comfort with discomfort to bring them to life.

For a fast-growing company like ours especially, reputation really matters — but we know it is not always easy to maintain. We believe a major component of our strong culture ties back to all of our leaders embracing “The Founder’s Mentality.” This mentality means cutting to the core of complexities caused by growth and channeling simplicity in the products we build and the way we scale, asking every employee to think like a founder.

We also know we cannot truly succeed or grow unless we hire people who offer different perspectives and bring new ideas to the table. We constantly evaluate and hire people who bring varying experiences and points of view, with the knowledge that being diverse is not an option — it is simply what we must be.

This recognition comes on the heels of a number of workplace achievements we’ve received over the past few years. Notably, we made the Forbes Just 100 list, which honors America’s best corporate citizens among the Russell 1000 based on positive employee treatment, customer treatment and job creation. We ranked second in ‘India’s Great Mid-Size Workplaces 2018’ list, serving as proof of the positive impact Nutanix is having on its expanding workforce globally. We have also received recognition on lists including Glassdoor’s 25 Highest-Rated Public Companies to Work For and Computerworld’s Best Places to Work in IT.

We are proud of our entire employee base that works so hard to bring our values to life every day. Thank you to all of our dedicated employees for the passion you bring to Nutanix!

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