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Are You Getting These Production Support Services Right?

The rapid transformation of the IT industry and the cloudification of infrastructure are adding multiple tiers of complexity to the technology landscape. Cloud platform providers ease the burden of adopting these transformations at your company by offering a unified way to run your applications.

If you are not receiving the right production support services from your provider, though, they may be doing more harm than good.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology providers should guarantee access to support via phone or web around the clock across all geographical regions, and in all languages.
  • Effective consulting services as part of a provider’s support package ensures you can get the most value from your technology investment.
  • Receiving training and education on a software’s functionality is a form of proactive support that allows you to address and resolve issues internallyPredictive strategies to offer additional value to customers by providing actionable insight allowing customers to stay ahead of disruptions.
  • Read on to learn about the process of building a platform with cloud-native practices in mind for each workload and how Nutanix presents a solution that stands apart from the competition.

By knowing more about the quality and variety of support your technology vendors should offer, you can make an informed decision about switching to a platform that better suits your organization’s needs.

What are production support services?

Production support services ensure that consumers have access to the help they need regarding hardware or software purchases. These can be significant investments, so it only stands to reason that the platform provider should go the extra mile in ensuring the satisfaction of all of a customer’s needs regarding those investments.

A software or platform provider with a priority on production support will commit to a support contract that outlines its responsibilities to the consumer. This contract explains the consumer's rights in regard to the product in question as well as the services that the provider agrees to render.

When you purchase or subscribe to a software or service, you are entitled to access all versions of that software released during your time as a customer. This includes bug fixes, patches, and major releases issued during the period the support contract is in effect.

Nutanix offers a personal level of support through its product support programs, as well as a predictive and proactive support service in the form of Nutanix Insights. In a time of so much complexity and high workload volume, you stand to benefit from a production support service solution that respects your time and cost resources by optimizing efficiency in the support process.

Support functionalities available through Nutanix Insights

Accessible remote and on-site support

The most fundamental service that you should expect when investing in software is responsive support anytime you need it. The right level of support will allow you to request remote or on-site support on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis over the phone or the web.

Priority call and case handling should be inherent traits of a provider’s support methodology. Customers with the most urgent situations, such as an outage, should have peace of mind in knowing that help is on the way.

In cases that require on-site support, you need the guarantee that a field engineer can arrive during business hours on the very next day.

Nutanix’s Support Portal is an example of a comprehensive remote support tool available on the web. Through this portal, Nutanix customers can gain easy online access to product documentation, software patches, and a helpful knowledge base with search capabilities.

Consulting services

Aside from providing assistance when things are going wrong, the right production support services will also ensure that you have access to expertise for every step of the lifecycle of your software investment.

When your infrastructure or software provider offers consulting services in addition tof its support contract, you gain insight into outcome-based solutions and the implementation of industry-proven practices. These resources help you not only to recover when operations are failing, but also to capitalize on your momentum at the best of times as well.

Nutanix Xpert Services helps you plan, simplify, and optimize your Nutanix environment. The transitional period between adopting a cloud solution and mastering its use can be a time of low performance from an investment standpoint, but Nutanix consultants strive to provide faster-than-average value realization.

You do not have to settle for “acceptable” when gauging the efficacy of your technology investments. Consulting services exist to help you understand the maximum efficiency of the product and how to attain it.

Training and certification

According to a 2022 Gartner survey, 58% of organizations are employing borderless technology talent to fulfill their IT staffing needs. In other words, these organizations are more than willing to onboard the right professionals by any means, regardless of where in the world those professionals live and what their remote work requirements may be.

Despite the global hiring options available to you in today’s market, it remains the case that the highest quality of production support services is only possible through specific training and education on the software that your company is using.

Education services empower you to extract the most value from your software investments. These should include instructor-led training, facilitated labs, self-paced online training, and private training options.

Users in the Nutanix environment have access to the Nutanix University program. This program enables you or your team members to acquire specific skills in deploying, managing, optimizing, and scaling your environment, all with the opportunity of earning a top-paying IT certification in the end.

Read this East Coast AAA customer success story to see how Nutanix helped the auto club  enhance business intelligence, streamline database administration, and accelerate innovation.

The right production support services for the best cloud platform

Many organizations in the modern IT landscape are encountering difficulties as they attempt cloud migration or hybrid multicloud adoption. Similar obstacles may even arise for those already operating in the cloud and now seeking to expand into a hybrid multicloud ecosystem. 

The Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) offers an ideal infrastructure for solving these problems. Backed by a practice of layering an easy-to-use infrastructure platform over the entire cloud and on-premises environment, Nutanix makes everyday operations simple for the consumer.

This philosophy of simplicity extends to Nutanix’s approach to production support services. You do not have to compromise on accessibility to support, consulting availability, or at any point in your cloud journey. 

Learn more about how support and consulting can lead to app optimization in the cloud and why the as-a-service approach can allow for stronger support. Also, check out Nutanix product support.

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