VMware ESXi hypervisor on Nutanix certified for SAP HANA

Expanding customer choice for SAP deployments

By Jody Ellis and Lawrence Wilcox
March 24, 2021 | min

Over the years Nutanix has established a track record of innovation when it comes to SAP SE and SAP HANA® database certification and support - resulting in our current on-premises cloud solution that supports a whole range of SAP applications. We were the first vendor to be certified for production SAP HANA on Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) – initially with scale-up in 2018 and with scale out in 2020.

As part of the SAP HANA certification process with our Nutanix® AHV hypervisor, Nutanix demonstrated how – with minimal overhead – virtualized SAP HANA databases are not only exceptionally performant and scalable, but are also highly available, resilient, secure, and simple to manage. However, Nutanix has always been committed to increasing choice for organizations, including those looking to transition to SAP HANA.

Extending Nutanix Support for SAP HANA with VMware Hypervisor Support

That’s why – along with platform OEMs - we’re now extending support for SAP HANA by announcing completion of SAP’s hypervisor certification for VMware ESXi® hypervisor on the Nutanix Acropolis platform. Until now, AHV was the only supported hypervisor for SAP HANA on Nutanix infrastructure. This announcement increases choice for SAP customers, enabling their Nutanix cluster to run both legacy SAP and SAP HANA instances using either Nutanix AHV or VMware ESXi across the cluster. Adding the VMware ESXi option also brings in additional support for RedHat® RHEL instances as well as Microsoft Windows® based application server instances.

Extending Nutanix certifications means that we can now support SAP legacy, scale-up SAP HANA and scale-out SAP HANA, with solutions fully certified and available across a range of hardware options. Customers get to use their preferred hypervisor and operating system on a choice of hardware platforms, with all their solutions delivered through one highly available pool of compute, storage, and networking resources in an HCI-based private cloud.

Deploying Nutanix  Infrastructure can Take Up to 57% Less Time

As a leading provider of HCI, private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, Nutanix delivers exceptional SAP performance, while enabling private cloud deployments for both SAP S/4HANA and interim ECC refreshes on a platform that provides a path to hybrid and multicloud deployments without refactoring and re-architecting. According to IDC , in a sponsored by Nutanix white paper, Organizations Leverage Nutanix Enterprise Cloud as Scalable, High-Performing, and Cost-Effective Infrastructure Foundation, found that in January 2020 deploying infrastructure for workloads like SAP applications with Nutanix can take up to 57% less time. While also offering a much simpler path to hybrid cloud without losing any control, visibility or access to enterprise capabilities.

With 77% of the world’s transaction revenue now touching SAP systems, it’s hardly surprising that a large number of SAP users are exploring ways to transform their business processes with SAP S/4HANA and its powerful intelligence capabilities.

However, moving to SAP HANA inevitably involves considerable migration challenges – particularly when you may need to support both classic SAP and SAP HANA environments in parallel for an extended period. Major infrastructure transitions can often introduce issues in terms of cost, migration, and complexity. Nutanix’s HCI-based platform helps to address these concerns by delivering the simplicity, agility, and fractional IT consumption benefits of public cloud, with all the control and security needed for the enterprise datacenter. Because of these strengths, Nutanix enables SAP landscapes to be more agile, scalable, and ultimately more effective.

As the industry leader in enterprise cloud, Nutanix now delivers the easiest and fastest implementation of on-prem private cloud infrastructure including a path to hybrid cloud for SAP S/4HANA customers and prospects. So, if you’re looking to refresh the platform for a legacy system, migrating to, or investigating SAP HANA, or even planning a greenfield implementation – Nutanix may deliver the flexible, resilient, and performant cloud you’ll need to unlock the power of S/4 HANA.

Learn more about what you can do with Nutanix for SAP, visit and if you’d like to learn more about S/4HANA considerations, the S/4HANA Resource Center is available to you.

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