Nutanix Unified Storage

Enterprise Data Storage with Unified Data Services

Intelligently manage and share data to help your business make informed decisions. Replace storage silos that limit visibility, block access, and slow innovation.

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Intelligent Enterprise Data Storage
That Grows with Your Data

Our software-defined enterprise data storage solution is built upon clustered, shared-nothing nodes to create a pool of resources. Storage controllers are virtualized and provide access to block distributed data, files, and objects.

Scale-up non-disruptively by adding virtual resources to storage controllers and scale-out non-disruptively by adding physical nodes for predictable resource and performance growth. From there, deployment is automated. Enterprise-grade backup, ready to back up any workload.

One Unified Enterprise Data Storage Solution
for Every Application

Nutanix UI for Clusters AWS Govcloud

Scalability from on-premises to the cloud

Extend unified software-defined enterprise data storage across every datacenter, branch office, and cloud while supporting multiple protocols to accommodate all your workloads and users.

Data management that’s ingeniously simple

Understand and control data across all storage locations from one dashboard. Simplicity allows non-storage experts to control day-to-day storage management activities.

Low-commitment subscription licensing

Our frictionless consumption approach affords you low-commitment subscription licensing and use of the same licenses for on-premises and in-cloud storage deployments.

Secure Your Enterprise Data Anywhere It’s Stored

Make well-informed decisions about your data

Nutanix Data Lens gives you global visibility and deep insights into data stored on Nutanix Unified Storage, including data lifecycle management, security, and compliance.

There’s no need to worry about losing data

Nutanix Unified Storage protects all your data from bit-rot and disk failures. By distributing and managing replicas in small slices, we quickly self-heal and prevent data loss.

Ensure enterprise-wide business continuity

Our intelligent backup integration and disaster recovery capabilities ensure that your data and dependent apps remain consistent in the unlikely event of site-wide failures.

Nutanix UI of the Leap dashboard

Run Business-Critical Workloads with Little Effort

Nutanix Beam UI showing budgeting dashboard

Your critical workloads are always available

Nutanix meets the IOPS needs of your most demanding applications. Optimize price/performance with any mix of spinning, flash, and high-performance NVMe and RDMA storage media.

Maximize the utilization of all your resources

Nutanix Unified Storage delivers zero suppression, compression, deduplication, and erasure coding to ensure that you get the most out of all available resources.

A highly elastic multicloud storage fabric

Scale out and scale up storage with no disruptions and no performance loss. Adapt easily to data growth and make efficient use of your budget across datacenters and clouds.

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Nutanix is Trusted by 20,000+ Customers

"It is fantastic that the system continuously operates without any downtime. There is flexible support for increased capacity on the user side and we can run a file server while taking advantage of the easily scalable Nutanix platform."

- Shin Yokoyama, Business Strategy Group, Aso College Group

"Nutanix provides near 100% uptime, enabling us to more easily meet our SLAs. Our attorneys are much more efficient with their caseloads, providing better service to all our global clients."

- Lawrence Lozzano, Senior DBA, Sheppard Mullin

"This was amazing to me because the NetApp systems used to take much longer in comparison. If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful storage and server solution that’s easy to set up, this is it."

- Richard Briston, Senior Network and Infrastructure Specialist, Canadian Solar

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