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Simplify Video Surveillance with Nutanix Unified Storage

Nutanix Unified Storage offers a simple, secure and reliable video management solution

Smart cameras with embedded analytics have been revolutionizing video surveillance across all industry verticals. Governments, Transportation, Healthcare and Retail to name a few are deploying hundreds of cameras that can automatically manage thresholds with very little human intervention. As a result, proliferating smart cameras for video surveillance have been putting undue pressure on the IT systems to store, analyze and secure exponentially growing video footage. IT Operations often struggle to justify budgets for video surveillance projects due to lack of demonstrable ROI for such investments. However, it changes everything when smart cameras are combined with Video Management Systems (VMS) and video analytics. VMS along with a modern storage system simplifies storage, data security and video analytics while showing positive ROI to the organization. Modern data services platform from Nutanix combined with Video Surveillance solution simplifies video management while enabling business transformation.

“Our video surveillance system is important to physical security on campus, and we often need to add capacity and bandwidth. Nutanix makes it easy to grow the system and provide more resources as they are needed”

 Jeff Blomendahl, IT Manager, University of Kansas Medical Center

Software-Defined Data Services Platform for a Simple Video Surveillance Solution

Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS) along with industry-leading VMS partners offer an integrated video surveillance storage solution that is simple, scalable, secure and highly available. It is built on high throughput and fault-tolerant storage media allowing you to realize high ROI for archival and retrieval of video surveillance data. Nutanix Unified Storage is a software-defined data services platform that consolidates file, object, and block storage into a single platform. When deployed with NUS, a VMS environment is easier to operate, allowing you to focus more on video surveillance services and less on infrastructure. Combined with Nutanix Cloud Platform, Nutanix Unified Storage gives you a platform that is built for scale, performance, and integrated data security. It offers agility, flexibility, and simplicity to build flexible storage no matter where the cameras are deployed - on the core, cloud, or edge. It provides seamless access to unstructured video data using S3, SMB, or NFS and iSCSI protocols. A single point of management for all storage resources eliminates complexity of multiple interfaces and consumer grade design enables non-storage experts to handle most day-to-day storage and data management tasks. Data security and analytics integrated into the solution provide deep insights into how video footage is used and helps to prevent threats from ransomware and other bad actors. With integrated ransomware protection, Nutanix Unified Storage helps to detect, prevent, and recover from cyber-attacks.

Software-defined data services platform for a simple video surveillance solution

Faster ROI With Scale, Security and Real-time Data Analytics

Start with as small as with few nodes supporting a modest video surveillance infrastructure with few cameras and easily grow to multi-petabyte deployment as the demand increases when you add hundreds of cameras and recording servers. As you grow the surveillance infrastructure, the performance and availability of the VMS solution is kept consistent with synchronous replication offering zero RPO. Smart DR and Metro Availability provide enhanced protection against DR events offering a Highly Available(HA) solution for non-disruptive surveillance. In case of a DR event or corrupted data or a ransomware attack, NUS restores write-access to protected shares by failing over to a file server at a recovery site. Self-Service Restore (SSR) captures data snapshots at the share level and restores a previous version of an individual file or even the entire share. To retain data integrity, NUS supports policy driven WORM to meet regulatory and compliance in addition to supporting a vast range of antivirus solutions. Along with NUS, you can deploy Nutanix Data Lens, a cloud-hosted analytics and monitoring service for the data hosted on NUS. With Data Lens, you can proactively assess and mitigate data security risks by identifying anomalous activity, auditing user behavior, and adhering to compliance requirements. With Smart Tier, you can define policies in Data Lens and NUS to automatically tier infrequently used and archived video footage from NUS to any S3 compatible object storage on-premises or cloud. Achieve higher ROI from retaining and tiering video footage to a low cost destination.

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[1] IDC White Paper, sponsored by Nutanix, The Business Value of Nutanix Unified Storage, IDC #US49602722, NOVEMBER 202