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How To Start Using AI Today With an AI-Ready Stack


Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, and that can only be a good thing when the latest innovations in machine learning (ML) are making AI tools so incredibly useful in a wide array of scenarios. The possibilities of AI/ML are seemingly endless, but getting the most value for your investment means knowing how to use it right away with minimal disruption to your business.

With the right AI-ready infrastructure and a bit of guidance on how best to use it, you can generate value from your AI implementation right out of the box.

Key Takeaways:

  • Infrastructure built with AI in mind will, by design, reduce deployment and operational complexity for most AI/ML workloads.
  • By harnessing pre-trained AI solutions, you can immediately take the AI-ready stack into your own hands and use it for your specific goals.
  • An in-the-box GPT solution can enable you to secure, accelerate, extend, and streamline your current and future AI operations.

What is AI-ready infrastructure

AI-ready infrastructure is a platform that reduces deployment and operational complexity for all manner of AI/ML workloads.

As defined by Lee Caswell, SVP of Product and Solutions Marketing at Nutanix, this type of infrastructure also “simplifies the deployment and management of IT infrastructure, allowing infrastructure teams to provide cloud-like operations while meeting the self-service needs of the data science and development teams who will build, tune, and leverage AI models.”

The Nutanix Cloud Platform for AI is an example of an AI-ready stack that you can start using today. The ideal AI platform ensures enterprise data security, simplifies operations that are otherwise too complex, lowers your total cost of ownership, and streamlines AI transformations whether you are already deploying large language models (LLMs) or are tackling the transition fresh. Nutanix offers all this and more.

Even so, some organizations have valid concerns regarding the upgrade of IT infrastructure into AI-ready infrastructure and extending it to the edge. The Nutanix AI-ready stack addresses these challenges, but it is also important to note that overcoming such obstacles becomes even easier when you can pull all of the solutions out of a box with your own hands.

Taking the AI-Ready stack into your own hands

An AI-ready stack makes it possible to deploy AI/ML solutions right out of the box, but you need to know how to take that technology into your own hands. While AI and automation carry much of the burden for you when it comes to just about any IT workload, it ultimately works for you and requires you to dictate how it works and what it will do.

Nutanix Cloud Platform for AI (GPT-in-a-Box) is a solution that enables you to leverage cutting-edge AI-ready infrastructure from day one while also providing an intuitive interface for controlling the deployment of LLMs. Whatever you wish to accomplish with AI, built-in data services on a GPT-in-a-Box make it easy to do it at any location.

Anatomy of Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box

You can easily start using Nutanix Cloud Platform for AI today for a wide variety of workloads, including the deployment of AI bots for customer service, document search and analysis, and fraud protection. The extensive features of a GPT-in-a-Box solution also make it an effective turnkey solution for use cases across healthcare, financial, retail, and other industries.

Nutanix Cloud Platform for AI (NAI) solution delivers a ready-to-use customer-controlled AI stack for the edge or your core datacenter and allows you to run and fine-tune AI and GPT models while maintaining control over your data. It is a tool for taking AI-ready infrastructure into your own hands in a way that lets you start using AI meaningfully right away.

What you can accomplish today with AI/ML

The field of IT is becoming more complex with or without the inclusion of AI/ML technologies. Since AI/ML is here to stay, though, the question becomes one of how you can use it to simplify operations right now.

The biggest obstacle for AI, and IT in general, is security. The reality is that, for many organizations, AI exists in the cloud. Fine-tuning your private cloud and deploying on a resilient platform like Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) goes a long way toward securing AI. NCP protects sensitive data with data-at-rest encryption, network microsegmentation, and automated remediation, all of which can be further improved through the use of AI.

Implementing AI-ready infrastructure also helps you accelerate AI success when you opt to use pre-trained models. Start leveraging automation, dynamic resource allocation, and infrastructure consolidation as early as today by adopting a pre-trained in-the-box solution.

Whether you are using pre-trained models or not, the fact remains that data is the lifeblood of AI processes and that providing new high-quality data is something you can do immediately upon adopting your AI-ready stack to continuously improve your strategy. To that end, expanding your AI technologies into the hybrid multicloud through NCP can be a great way to tune and deploy models anywhere you want while ensuring operational efficiency.

Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to pitching AI-ready infrastructure to your organization at the executive level is the possibility of lowering your company’s TCO. In an article for Forbes, Lips founder Annie Brown examines this from a marketing angle and explains that, “On average, companies who utilize data optimization and enhance their marketing with AI see a growth of 3-4x their ad spend and increase their bottom line with more accuracy.”

Start using AI-ready infrastructure today with Nutanix

The most pressing concern for many organizations looking to adopt AI/ML practices is, understandably, the matter of how it can start generating value for them right away. Nutanix ensures that you can take the future into your own hands and accomplish your unique goals due to ready-made solutions like GPT-in-a-Box and a commitment to open source innovation.

According to findings from the recent Nutanix State of Enterprise AI Report, the majority of organizations are running AI inferencing workloads on-premises or in a private cloud, whereas only 44% are extending those processes to the edge where most data sources reside. Nutanix AI solutions can improve operations at any location where you choose to deploy and support a seamless transition to edge sites or multiple clouds.

Locations where organizations are currently running AI workloads

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