The Definitive Guide to SAP on the Enterprise Cloud

The Definitive Guide to SAP on the Enterprise Cloud

IT teams around the world are facing their modernization goals head-on, often relying on SAP to propel them into the future. In fact, over 388,000 companies use SAP to meet their business-critical needs, and SAP processes 75% of transactions supporting global GDP.

While a powerhouse in the IT world, many SAP landscapes are siloed, using complex and antiquated legacy infrastructure. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud helps optimize your SAP landscape reliably and efficiently, delivering more value effortlessly.

Check out this guide to see how running SAP on Nutanix can:

  • Deliver rapid time to market
  • Provide fractional IT consumption and measure SAP resource usage
  • Reduce the strain of managing SAP with one-click simplicity
  • And more!

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