Nutanix in 3 Minutes

Why Nutanix?

Thanks to digital transformation, data explosion, an avalanche of new applications, and the increasing push to develop innovative products and get them to market as quickly as possible—IT landscapes have become infinitely more complex.

Traditional, siloed operating models and tools just can’t keep up. They’re slow, complicated, expensive and require specialized skills.

What enterprises need today is a consistent operating model that delivers a unified approach for managing disparate environments.

Nutanix pioneered hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to break down legacy silos by merging compute, storage, and networking into a single, easy-to-use datacenter platform. Now, as the cloud has emerged as a critical component of IT infrastructure, Nutanix is breaking down silos once again, this time between on-premises, cloud, and the edge. We call this a hybrid multicloud platform.

A hybrid multicloud platform allows users to:

Operate a Single Platform Using Consistent Constructs and Skillsets

Move Apps and Data Across Environments With Ease Based On Business Requirements

Seamlessly Manage, Secure, and Access Datacenters, Clouds and Edge Locations as One

Only Nutanix Makes Hybrid Multicloud Simple and Cost Effective

Any workload, any app

Enterprise apps

Cloud native apps

Analytics / ML 



Nutanix Cloud Platform

Run anywhere


Public clouds

Service provider clouds 

Edge locations

One Platform to Run Apps and Manage Data Anywhere

What is Nutanix Cloud Platform?

Nutanix Cloud Platform brings together infrastructure and management under one-pane-of-glass to become a unified and secure platform that runs data and applications at any scale, and across clouds, with the performance and reliability to replace traditional SAN environments with an architecture and capabilities to power modern cloud-native applications. Nutanix Cloud Platform empowers you to build a hybrid multicloud tailored to your business and application needs.

Nutanix Portfolio

Nutanix Cloud Platform delivers:

Simplicity: One-click ease of use and life cycle management

Quickly and non-disruptively set up and manage your cloud from day 1, while delivering all your critical applications, data, and services across private and hybrid clouds. One-click upgrades provide, maintenance, and scale to improve and patch your environment, even in the middle of the workday, without any downtime. Use freed up resources and cycles can be repurposed to focus on higher value business tasks.

Performance: Accelerate your most demanding data and applications

A powerful distributed cloud architecture that delivers SAN-like performance that won’t degrade over time. Certified to run even the most demanding enterprise applications and databases from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Splunk, IBM, Citrix, and many others.

Intelligence: An optimized and secure platform for the hybrid multicloud

Built-in AI and adaptive machine learning ensure optimal application performance, data-driven resource planning, and automatic detection and resolution of slowdowns and security events.  Self-service operations ensure you can automate and distribute hybrid cloud provisioning without complex workflows helping build your cloud on your terms.

Resilience: Always-on architecture

A self-healing architecture protects data and keeps your organization running without heavy intervention, supported by automated replication as well as 1-click failover and disaster recovery. Efficient built-in snapshots and replication enable per virtual machine recovery point (RPO) and time objectives (RTO) reducing risk vs. a non-integrated approach.

What does Nutanix Cloud Platform include?

Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) starts with HCI which combines compute, storage, virtualization, and networking in a single hardware footprint. Nutanix has created a software-defined storage fabric to make your hardware easy to manage while providing choice:

Your Choice of Hypervisor 

Including Nutanix AHV or VMware ESXi

Your Choice of Hardware

As a Cloud Platform For HCI Including HPE, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Inspur, Dell EMC, IBM, Cisco, and Nutanix

Your Choice of Public Clouds and Services Providers 

Including AWS and Microsoft Azure

These choices allow you to build the optimal environment for your workloads, whether it’s virtualized applications, bare-metal services, or container-based applications that can scale data centers, clouds, or both. 

Nutanix Cloud Platform builds on choice by providing critical services to create a complete hybrid cloud solution:

Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI) is the first building block of Nutanix Cloud Platform and your hybrid cloud, delivering core software-defined data services, security, recovery, and virtualization/cloud-native features.

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) extends on-premises environments to the AWS and Azure public clouds with a consistent control plane and management constructs for fast and flexible application placements without costly and time consuming application refactoring processes.

Nutanix Cloud Manager (NCM) is the one-pane-of-glass hybrid cloud solution for managing your operations, data, workload security, self-service capabilities, planning, chargeback, and governance across clouds.

Nutanix Unified Storage (NUS) provides data services and security across Nutanix Cloud Platform including structured data (files), unstructured data (objects), and block storage.

Nutanix Database Service (NDB) is a database-as-a-service solution to procure, deploy, backup, and patch your databases without complex management operational focus or long-downtimes that can lead to data outages.

EUC (VDI) Nutanix offers a complete solution for virtual desktops on Citrix, VMware, or Frame  including file storage, security, and management helping deploy applications more quickly and enabling your hybrid workforce.

Nutanix also offers many of these services as SaaS options, including databases, desktops, cloud monitoring, disaster recovery, and IoT for businesses desiring to consume software without the heavy lift of operating infrastructure.

Why is Nutanix Ideal for You?

Nutanix helps you build a true hybrid multicloud by leveraging the simplicity, flexibility, and agility of public clouds with the security and control of on-premises infrastructure. The Nutanix platform provides capabilities to extend workloads to public clouds, allowing hybrid cloud operators to burst or migrate applications across clouds, without rearchitecting or retooling for each environment. Below are further values Nutanix customers have experienced when deploying our cloud platform:

Accelerate Time to Value and Increase ROI

Deploy a full-stack solution in hours, recovering your investment in as little as 12 months.

Improve Productivity and Quality

97% less unplanned downtime resulting in 53% more IT efficiency and 33% better help desk responses.

Reduce IT Risk and Waste

Start with what you need today and grow over time no more overprovisioning and under utilizing resources.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

Nutanix can help reduce data center footprint, eliminate wasteful over-provisioning, and optimize workload placement to meet economic, energy, and environmental demands.

A Modern Infrastructure for Cloud-Native Applications

Nutanix helps you empower your developers across clouds with the latest cloud-native solutions like Kubernetes.

Start Solving Your Toughest Cloud Challenges, Today

Nutanix offers a single platform to run all your apps and data across multiple clouds while simplifying operations and reducing complexity. Trusted by companies worldwide, Nutanix powers hybrid multicloud environments efficiently and cost effectively. This enables you to solve your toughest challenges focusing on business outcomes and new innovations. Visit to learn how you can accelerate your cloud journey. While you’re there, be sure to take a free test drive to experience Nutanix for yourself.

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