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Oil and gas companies face the challenge of effective capital deployment and reliable operational performances, which means driving transformation has become a critical business imperative. The core of that transformation? An infrastructure that’s ready to meet your needs now and propel you into the future—and a partner that can ensure you get it done successfully.

From your Datacenter to the Edge

Technology is rapidly evolving. Are you evolving with it? In addition to the traditional data centers, workloads are being pushed to the private and public clouds on one side, and out to the field on the other. Supporting them shouldn’t be tedious. Simplify IT operations with a self-healing enterprise cloud infrastructure complete with hyperconvergence at the core, and refocus teams on innovation and strategic initiatives—from technical workflows to CAPEX projects to analytics and automation.

Liberate your Subsurface Workflows

The data you use to speed decisions and reduce time to first oil is incredibly big and complex. Historically used by select individuals, that data is now in demand to drive collaboration across geographies and disciplines. This kind of work requires an infrastructure that unifies disparate systems and performs flawlessly without a significant amount of oversight. Nutanix gives you a risk-free, high-performance infrastructure that enables your end-users to access the apps and data to help get their work done, and simple, reliable file storage for vast amounts of data.

Sharpen your Competitive Edge

Oil & gas companies continuously spin up new projects and operate in new locations. They need technology that enables them to quickly and efficiently deploy new environments with the right computing capabilities for each scenario. With the help of comprehensive app-centric automation and advanced network automation within your Nutanix enterprise cloud, you can deploy multiple field sites in a matter of weeks—not months.

Realize your Edge Initiatives

You’re all too familiar with the challenge of deploying and supporting modern infrastructure for remote sites. These diverse locales range from offshore platforms and marine vessels to unconventional fields and pipelines. Nutanix offers an edge and IoT platform with centralized deployments that can be handled locally with minimal resources. Eliminate complexity, accelerate deployments, and elevate developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT-based applications and services.

Nutanix Powers the Oil & Gas Industry

Your industry relies on software applications and computing capabilities that span many disciplines, geographies and even companies. Demanding applications such as exploration & production (upstream), to pipelines & transportation (midstream), through refining (downstream), to retail operations continue to push the technology envelope. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud platform is a unified IT operating environment that melds private, public, distributed, and edge clouds, providing a single point of control for managing infrastructure and applications with one-click simplicity. Take actionable steps to drive digital transformation and alleviate data and application bottlenecks far more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional IT infrastructure.

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