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Innovative education services from Nutanix.

Nutanix nu.school delivers innovative education services that allow customers to extract maximum value out of the Nutanix solution. The curriculum delivers a comprehensive range of learning activities that encompass core product training, extending out to application workloads and ultimately the full scope of web-scale IT.


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Education Services

  • Courses

    Take advantage of a wide range of courses offered by nu.school that allow you to gain marketable credentials in leading-edge hyperconverged infrastructure technology.

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  • Certifications

    Nutanix professional certification shows that you have the skills necessary to manage and deploy Nutanix technology. Our programs offer a comprehensive range of specializations to choose from.

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Course Delivery Options

The nu.school curriculum is designed for every member of your IT team, balancing time away from the office with engaging and informal content.

  • Instructor-Led

    Face-to-Face or live virtual delivery of the Administration Course, delivered over two days. Includes instruction and hands-on labs using Nutanix’s hosted lab environment.

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  • Online Plus

    A two-week guided course, with small bites of content pushed to your email daily, plus a 3-hour lab session and access to an instructor for technical questions.

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  • Self-Paced

    A wide range of our technical education is available at no cost to you. And there is even more free education in the Nutanix Education Portal.

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You can also subscribe to nu.school on YouTube.

Training Schedule

Our instructor-led classes are available virtually or in-person at training centers or on your own premises. The schedule below shows courses that are currently planned throughout the world. Courses may be delivered directly by the Nutanix Education team or by our authorized training centers. Whether delivered in-person or virtually, each Administration course includes the same hands-on labs.

Provider Location Type Date Time Register
M.Tech Products Pte LtdSingaporeClassroom02/28 - 03/019:30AM - 6:00PM SingaporeRegister
AvnetAustraliaLive Online02/28 - 03/018:00AM - 4:00PM AEDTRegister
ExitCertifiedEdison, NJClassroom03/07 - 03/109:00AM - 5:00PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online03/07 - 03/109:00AM - 5:00PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedChicago, ILClassroom03/07 - 03/108:00AM - 4:00PM CTRegister
ExitCertifiedSan Jose, CAClassroom03/07 - 03/089:00AM - 5:00PM PSTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online03/07 - 03/0812:00PM - 8:00PM ESTRegister
Cloud HarmonicsVirtualLive Online03/13 - 03/149:00AM - 4:00PM PTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online03/13 - 03/149:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ExitCertifiedSan FranciscoClassroom03/16 - 03/179:00AM - 5:00PM PDTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online03/16 - 03/1712:00PM - 8:00PM EDTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online03/16 - 03/179:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ExitCertifiedHerndon, VAClassroom03/21 - 03/229:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online03/21 - 03/229:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedToronto, ONClassroom03/21 - 03/229:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
M.Tech Products Pte LtdSingaporeClassroom03/28 - 03/299:30AM - 6:00PM SingaporeRegister
ExitCertifiedPhoenix, AZClassroom03/28 - 03/317:30AM - 3:30PM MTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online03/28 - 03/3110:30AM - 6.30PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedToronto, ONClassroom03/28 - 03/3110:30AM - 6.30PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedEdisonClassroom04/04 - 04/059:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online04/04 - 04/059:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedTorontoClassroom04/04 - 04/059:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
BigTec UKGreen Park, ReadingClassroom04/04 - 04/079:00Am - 5:00PM GMTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online04/10 - 04/139:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ExitCertifiedHerndon, VAClassroom04/18 - 04/219:00AM - 5:00PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online04/18 - 04/219:00AM - 5:00PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedChicago, ILClassroom04/18 - 04/218:00AM - 4:00PM CTRegister
Cloud HarmonicsLive OnlineLive Online04/24 - 04/277:00AM - 3:00PM PSTRegister
M.Tech Products Pte LtdSingaporeClassroom04/25 - 04/269:30AM - 6:00PM SingaporeRegister
ExitCertifiedPhoenix, AZClassroom04/27 - 04/287:30AM - 3:30PM MSTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online04/27 - 04/2810:30AM - 6:30PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedTorontoClassroom04/27 - 04/2810:30AM - 6:30PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedSan Jose, CAClassroom05/09 - 05/129:00AM - 5:00PM PTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online05/09 - 05/129:00AM - 5:00PM PTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online05/15 - 05/189:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ExitCertifiedHerndonClassroom05/16 - 05/179:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online05/16 - 05/179:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedTorontoClassroom05/16 - 05/179:00AM - 5:00PM EDTRegister
M.Tech Products Pte LtdSingaporeClassroom05/30 - 05/319:30AM - 6:00PM SingaporeRegister
ExitCertifiedChicago, ILClassroom05/30 - 06/029:00AM - 5:00 CTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online05/30 - 06/0210:00AM - 6:00PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedToronto, ONClassroom05/30 - 06/0210:00AM - 6:00PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedSan JoseClassroom06/08 - 06/099:00AM - 5:00PM PDTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online06/08 - 06/0912:00PM - 8:00PM EDTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online06/12 - 06/159:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ExitCertifiedEdison, NJClassroom06/20 - 06/239:00AM - 5:00PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online06/20 - 06/239:00Am - 5:00PM ETRegister
ExitCertifiedChicago, ILClassroom06/20 - 06/238:00AM - 4:00PM CTRegister
ExitCertifiedChicagoClassroom06/27 - 06/289:00AM - 5:00PM CDTRegister
ExitCertifiedLive OnlineLive Online06/27 - 06/2810:00AM - 6:00PM EDTRegister
ExitCertifiedTorontoClassroom06/27 - 06/2810:00AM - 6:00PM EDTRegister
M.Tech Products Pte LtdSingaporeClassroom06/28 - 06/299:30AM - 6:00PM SingaporeRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online07/17 - 07/209:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online08/14 - 08/179:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online09/11 - 09/149:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online10/16 - 10/199:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online11/13 - 11/169:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister
ArrowLive OnlineLive Online12/11 - 12/149:00AM - 5:00PM CTRegister