DevOps & IT Operations

Automate Operations and Accelerate Service Delivery

Reduce costs and accelerate IT service delivery in private and public clouds with IT automation and DevOps best practices.

Why Automation? 

Free Your IT Administrators
With approximately 80% of total IT spend devoted to operational expenses, there is an urgent need to simplify your operations and free IT teams for more innovative tasks.

Foster a DevOps Culture
Automation is one of the key tools that benefits both developers and operators, increasing your ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity

Reduce Your IT Costs
Cloud spend can quickly go haywire without real-time cost governance. Implementing automation policies for across public and private clouds and reduce your cloud spend by 35% or more!


Creating a Resilient and Scalable IT Team with Automation

Many Nutanix customers start their IT modernization journeys by adopting hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). But once you’ve reduced the complexity of managing your infrastructure stack, the next step is to increase levels of integration and automation.


Best Practices for IT Ops and Automation

In this 20-minute quick presentation, we’ll discuss how to streamline mundane tasks, turn IT into a hub of innovation, leverage IT as a service (ITaaS) to address demands and improve application availability, and way more.

Business is driven by speed

IT resources are the life-blood of every data-driven enterprise. But as infrastructure scales and the number of applications being managed grows, delivering services across private and public clouds can be challenging. IT automation solutions are the key to deliver the speed required to drive business outcomes in the internet era. 

Task Automation

Intelligent automation learns from the usage patterns of your infrastructure and takes remediation steps without intervention. This frees up your IT teams to work on more valuable e-add tasks.

Multi-Cloud Management

Extend datacenter operations into the cloud without losing control, visibility, or capabilities. Leverage data-driven insights that help you choose the right location and infrastructure for each application based on expected costs, operational policies, and SLAs.

Self-Service IT

Deliver one-click access to IT resources, applications, and procedures while ensuring policy and security compliance. Enable ITaaS to empower operations and development teams. Streamline DevOps integration across your operations.

CI/CD and DevOps

Improve software testing and development with continuous integration (CI), delivery, and deployment (CD) pipelines. Accelerate delivery of full-stack application environments expressed as infrastructure-, operations-, and governance- as- code.

Cost Governance

Automate your manual scheduling tasks and eliminate resources that are left unused or under-utilized. Automatically chargeback cloud spending to a cost center to drive financial governance.


Automate and simplify complex database administration tasks to drive efficiency, agility, and scalability - all while reducing costs.

Corporación Nacional de Telecomunicaciones CNT runs Nutanix ITOps and Cloud Management Solution

Ten Steps to DevOps at Scale

For organizations ready to take Operations to a business-moving force, DevOps is a crucial, transformative this eBook for 10 tangible steps to go from 0 to DevOps. Proven best practices for seamlessly implementing DevOps

Calm Reference Architecture

What our customers are saying...


Western Washington University

“It makes monitoring your storage, CPU and memory runways very easy and aids in capacity planning proactively. The runway optimization recommendations, which are available with a single click also help hunt for dead or over-provisioned VMs”

- Jon Junell, Assistant Director of IT, Western Washington University


Asia United Bank

“It didn’t take long to secure management buy-in when we showed them our 5-year cost savings estimates...with Nutanix, we’ve eliminated complexity from our network and simplified our environment, enabling us to easily identify and rectify issues.” 

- Raymund Mangahas, Vice President, IT Operations, Asia United Bank



“Beam enables our small engineering team to manage thousands of cloud instances that are very dynamic, scaling up and down all the time, without having to dedicate people to tracking those resources and spend. Beam also gives us the ability to drill down into granular recommendations on a per-reservation or per-instance level.”

- Patrick Liang, Chief Architect, Onclusive

Learn more about automation

Hands-free IT Drives Faster Innovation

Wendy M. Pfeiffer, CIO of Nutanix, shares her insights on IT automation and laser-focused mission on simplifying IT to deliver better engagements for both company and end customers

Nutanix University: Cloud Automation

Introduce automation to critical aspects of your IT functions, including databases, enterprise applications, and containers using Era, Calm, and Karbon. Once you're comfortable with these products, we'll talk through how they work with Nutanix HCI to create a powerful automation solution.

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