Solution Briefs

Enjoy a True Hybrid & Multicloud Solution with Nutanix Cloud Clusters

Save 35% on your public cloud spend by right-sizing infrastructure, optimizing purchase plans, and using automation playbooks

As IT and Cloud teams grow their multicloud adoption, technology budget owners are often surprised by unexpectedly high cloud bills. To prevent uncontrolled spending, cloud teams need tooling that provides unified visibility across on-prem and public clouds, along with automated cost governance policies to keep their cloud spend within budgets.

Nutanix Beam, a cloud cost governance service by Nutanix helps customers with:

  • Unified visibility into their on-prem, AWS and Azure consumption (GCP support coming soon).
  • 35% or more cost savings by right-sizing resources, automating tasks, and optimizing purchase plans.
  • Delivering accurate chargeback reports that help drive financial accountability.

Beam has paid for itself by helping us uncover an API that did not need to be running, saving thousands of dollars per month in just one instance.

Declan Fleming
Director of Information Security/ISO, Jitterbit

Without Beam, the level of audit that we need simply doesn’t get done and I would never have found the additional servers running in regions we don’t normally use.

Jacob Stanton
Director of Information Security/ISO, Jitterbit


Beam provides cloud teams with visibility, optimization and control across public and private cloud environments to keep their costs under control.

Visibility into Cloud Consumption

Beam provides out-of-the-box cost metering for Nutanix private cloud using a built-in TCO model that shows accurate cost of running resources in your on-prem environment. Additionally, Beam unifies private and public cloud costs into a single console along with automated detection of cost anomalies.

Optimization of Cloud Consumption

Beam provides cost optimization recommendations by identifying unused or underused cloud resources. Beam also optimizes purchase plans based on your consumption needs and helps you implement automation policies. Together, Beam’s cost saving features can deliver 35% or more in public cloud cost savings.

Control over Cloud Consumption

With Beam you can also create automated chargeback reports for various teams, business units or projects, track the spending against allocated budgets and get alerts before a budget is exceeded so that you can proactively control spending.