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Power Remote and Edge IT Landscapes with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS

Bring data center class infrastructure and centralized management to your remote sites 


As organizations become more dispersed and data becomes more decentralized, it is increasingly important to have a modernized and agile approach to delivering IT at remote office and branch office (ROBO) and edge locations. According to Gartner, around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2025, this figure will reach 75%.¹

New IT demands have also emerged with field-based infrastructures, such as oil rigs, kiosks, cruise ships, forward-deployed military operations, and even airport security devices that need processing power close to the point of data collection.

To tackle these requirements and meet the unique operating, disaster recovery, and data protection requirements of remote locations, organizations require a robust infrastructure solution that is easy to manage from a distance. Unfortunately, the latency and connection issues of the public cloud can make it a poor fit for these sites, and traditional IT approaches of the past don’t provide enough simplicity, manageability, and cost efficiency.

¹ What Edge Computing Means for Infrastructure and Operations Leaders

Everything runs a lot smoother and faster on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud software. By moving to Nutanix, we have seen an almost 500% reduction in IT management time, enabling our IT team to focus on more strategic projects that move the business forward and improve the customer experience.

Bjorn Van Reet
CIO, Kinepolis


As organizations look to modernize their infrastructure, more and more companies are turning to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to provide the foundation for an always-on solution that delivers a complete, invisible, and easily scalable infrastructure that will power diverse ROBO workloads.

Nutanix provides a turnkey solution built with the agility of a public cloud and the control, performance, and data locality of an on-premises cloud. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can be consistently deployed across datacenters, ROBO locations, disaster recovery (DR) sites, public clouds, and edge computing sites.


Nutanix HCI-based solutions provide a critical foundation for your ROBO and edge sites, giving you the freedom to choose the right hypervisor, including Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V. You can also choose the approved servers or appliances that best meet your needs from your preferred hardware vendor. Options include regular and small form factor. appliances that can be mounted in a short depth telco rack or under a table where there are constraints on space and power. Ruggedized options are also available for deployment in harsh environments such as on the factory floor or for military use cases. Choices include the short depth appliance, NX-1120S, and more from NX & our OEM partners HPE, Lenovo and Dell EMC. All of this reduces complexity and helps you control costs.

You can deploy a Nutanix cluster of 1, 2, or 3 or more nodes that can run all of your remote office’s local workloads for ERP, transactions, databases, collaboration, virtual desktops, services like DHCP, firewalls, DNS, file and print, and more. You can also simplify your infrastructure and management by using the same platform for storage and for local workloads, eliminating the need for specialized software.


Typical ROBO solutions are little more than legacy products packaged into a single cabinet and require an IT resource onsite for deployment, operations, and upgrades. Nutanix software streamlines installation and optimizes ongoing operations and performance. Remote solutions can be provisioned both at a central location in an hour and can then be shipped ready-to-run with a simple connection to a top-of-rack switch or provisioned remotely once the hardware is in place. The ability to consolidate infrastructure silos reduces deployment, power, and cooling costs and accelerates time to value.


Maintaining a branch with onsite IT is expensive, inefficient, and requires special training. Multiplying these requirements across many branch locations is often a non-starter. Nutanix offers centralized infrastructure management and one-click simplicity with intelligence for everyday IT operations (ITOps). From one console, you can manage every location, reducing the need for on-site staff.

Built-in machine learning also enables you to reduce common tasks across the application and infrastructure lifecycles – including zero-touch provisioning, scaling, and full-stack, non-disruptive upgrades – to a single click. By automating common services and workflows and publishing them to a one-stop marketplace for controlled, organization-wide consumption, you can reduce time spent in servicing tickets and focus on providing new value to the business.


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You can reduce complexity and eliminate multiple products from 3rd party vendors with Nutanix’s integrated solution for on-site backups, replication for central backups, and disaster recovery (DR). Create unlimited VM snapshots on a local cluster for faster RPO and RTO and schedule and control local snapshots, replication tasks, and retention policies on an individual basis. Intuitive management, policy-based control, and simple recovery plans mean your days will now be worry-free.

ROBO sites often lack the ability to provide security comparable with their central data centers. Simplify network and policy management across locations by enabling applications and environments to be governed independently of physical infrastructure. Application-centric security via micro-segmentation and data-atrest encryption protects organizations against both internal and external threats and helps to achieve compliance.


Nutanix brings the power of its software stack to a new generation of edge environments across a variety of use cases. With the Nutanix platform, you can deliver local compute and AI for IoT edge devices, converging the edge and cloud into one seamless data processing platform.

Nutanix frees you to focus on business logic and applications, including real-time analysis for manufacturing facilities, oil and gas upstream and downstream locations, retail outlets, hospitals, and much more. The insights from your intelligent edge can help you to reduce downtime, increase patient or customer satisfaction, and target new products and services.


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