Nutanix NX Platforms

Purpose-Built Platforms to Run Apps and Data Anywhere

Nutanix certified hardware platforms are designed for use in all hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid and private cloud solutions.

Nutanix offers multiple
platforms across form-factors

Nutanix Cloud Platform runs on a range of industry standard server models designed to address different workload requirements. Nutanix NX platforms are designed for use in all hyperconverged infrastructure, hybrid and private cloud solutions.

Node models and configurations with different storage types can be mixed in a cluster, enabling organizations to reduce infrastructure silos.

NX platforms include 1-node and multi-node systems for entry-level deployments, balanced compute and storage use cases and .performance-oriented, high-density 1-node platforms.

Nutanix Cloud Platform diagram

Capabilities & benefits

1. Configured-to-order NX nodes based on workload requirements
2. Rack and cable infrastructure nodes
3. Deploy Nutanix AOS software and choice of hypervisor (dependent on customer choice and geographical location)
4. Finalize software configuration in Prism
5. Deploy workloads

Entry level deployment requirements

Nutanix 1000 series platforms are designed to span most entry-level deployments and include platforms such as the single socket NX-1120S and the NX-1175S designs, to the multi-node NX-1065.

Balanced compute and storage

Nutanix 3000 series platforms are designed to provide a balance between compute and storage capabilities. These platforms are designed for flexible configurations for a range of workloads, including standard server virtualization, private cloud deployments, VDI, and workloads that require GPUs.

High performance

At the very top of the NX platform offerings are the 8000 series units. These 1-node platforms offer a variety of high-density compute and storage configurations optimized for applications which require the highest levels of performance.

These systems excel at large scale datacenter solutions and workloads. These workloads can include business-critical applications, databases, big data and analytics and AI/ML workloads.

Prism screenshot of a high performance cluster.

Nutanix is trusted by 25,000+ customers

"We really enjoyed the simplicity that it [Nutanix] gives us…and today we are a 99% virtualized shop, our entire server infrastructure is on Nutanix."

- Courtney Spence, Director of Network Operations at Loeb & Loeb

"What we see is the improved performance from Nutanix has been delivered...we are now more solution oriented and give individual hardware decisions less focus. This has increased the productivity of IT."

- Michael Kunkler, System Engineer at SICK AG

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