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Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training classes are the ideal choice when you need comprehensive coverage of Nutanix administration, performance, and optimization for yourself or your team. The hands-on classes mix presentations by our expert instructor team with dedicated time on our hosted lab environment to give you a robust learning experience. You’ll leave class confident in your ability to use the skills you’ve built on the job.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Administration 5.5

This course teaches admins (system, network, and storage) how to successfully deploy Nutanix in the datacenter. The course covers all of the tasks Nutanix administrators perform, including configuring and maintaining a Nutanix environment. It also introduces basic Nutanix troubleshooting tools, offers tips for solving common problems and provides guidelines for escalating problems to Nutanix support.

Advanced Administration & Performance Management 5.5

This course features comprehensive coverage of performance management for Nutanix clusters and details how to optimize performance, fix issues that slow down your system, and improve datacenter performance. You'll learn through hands-on labs how to monitor system performance and tuning, while also touching on advanced networking and storage to help optimize datacenter administration. 

Private Training

Private Training is the perfect choice when you need training for the whole team. We work with your schedule to find optimal dates at the convenience and comfort of your own location, ensuring consistent education across the full team without the hassle of travel. 

For more information about Private Training, download the datasheet.