VMware Cloud (VMC): Options for customers

By Lee Caswell

June 24, 2024 | min

A lot has happened with VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC). With Broadcom’s recent changes to their reseller programs, AWS’s ability to resell the service expired at the end of April, and they began to incentivize customers to migrate from VMC to native AWS.

Although Broadcom’s CEO Hock Tan tried to address rumors about the future of VMC (see this blog post), lingering questions persist around continuing R&D investment. Consequently, there’s been a surge in interest about how Nutanix could fill the void, enhancing the hybrid multicloud solutions that VMC has offered to date.

Hybrid Multicloud Use Cases

Hybrid multicloud use cases are quickly growing in popularity as customers think about how to integrate the management and portability of applications and data across edge, virtual private datacenter, and public cloud endpoints.  

Accelerate cloud-first strategies: For customers with cloud-first strategies, a hybrid multicloud solution offers a path to quickly move apps and data across endpoints without refactoring or replatforming.  

Introduce hybrid cloud disaster recovery (DR): For customers seeking to streamline DR processes, a hybrid multicloud solution eliminates DR sites, simplifies recovery across DR endpoints, or reduces the cost of unused compute in dedicated DR targets. Hybrid multicloud also extends to the public cloud, as both a DR target and as a source for scalable DR, paid for on an as-needed basis. Nutanix offers a pay-as-you-go model for customers to leverage as part of this solution, so they only pay when there is a need, without having to reserve the capacity upfront.  

Service temporary workload spikes: For customers with workload use case spikes typical of retail peak seasons, cyclical test/dev cycles, or new local operation spin-ups, the hybrid multicloud use case offers a path to tap into the flexibility of the public cloud while retaining datacenter security policies, Day 2 operations, and compliance.  

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2)

The Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) solution allows customers to run the Nutanix software platform identically on owned on-premises servers and rented bare-metal servers, available today from AWS and Azure. This gives a consistent operating model across on-premises and cloud endpoints with consistent data services, ease of use, and award-winning support.

Unlike VMC, the Nutanix solution allows full portability of licenses across any cloud endpoint while our AHV hypervisor provides enterprise-grade maturity and ecosystem support following 10 years of mature development and testing. 

Migration from VMC to NC2 is Simple

What’s more, we can help customers with a seamless transition. Our free Move tool migrates virtual machines (VMs) from VMC to NC2 so that users can provide portability across their hybrid multicloud environment.  

With Nutanix Move, it’s possible to:

  • Simplify migration path setup without manually installing components in every VM.
  • Map source-target networks without complex security/network configuration while retaining IP addresses through migrations.
  • Match source VMC sizing to NC2 destination sizing since both reside on AWS bare metal, eliminating the need to figure out which EBS storage types will be needed for each individual VM, performance profiles, capacity, etc. 
  • Establish built-in resiliency strategy with fail-over and data protection.
  • Provide full license portability across hybrid multicloud endpoints.
  • Manage on-premises and hyperscaler endpoint with identical management skills.
  • Leverage AWS cloud credits and utilize BYOL Windows licensing.

Migration Benefits for New Customers

For a limited time, migrations from VMC to NC2 are eligible for the VMware to Nutanix migration promotion that offers 1 year of free Nutanix licensing and migration support to eligible customers. Moreover, both the AWS bare metal services as well as the Nutanix licensing (when purchased through the AWS marketplace) count towards any AWS commitments and can leverage AWS credits. 

Want more? Learn about NC2 on AWS and visit this page to see how we can help you migrate from VMC to Nutanix.

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