Modernize Your Database with Cloud Simplicity—Part 2

by Tobias Ternstrom and Gaurav Sharma

June 15, 2022 | min

SKALE DB: Powered by HCL and Nutanix

Enterprises increasingly face database challenges, including rising DB management costs, time-consuming manual DB tasks like provisioning and patching, lack of resource utilization visibility, inability to scale on demand, and a non-existent user experience. To address these challenges, SKALE DB employs best practices, automation, and standardization to simplify database procurement, deployment, monitoring, management, operations, and chargeback.

This blog is part 2 of a 2-part series on SKALE DB, explaining the SKALE DB value proposition in depth. Part 1 provides an introduction to SKALE DB.

Modernize your database with cloud simplicity—Part 2

SKALE DB enables organizations to transform database operations with a secure, scalable, and cloud-ready DBaaS platform, enabled with AI-driven DBOPS (Database Operations). Its multi-deployment architecture supports database needs on-premises and in the cloud with a near-zero-touch deployment model.

SKALE DB: Unique Value Proposition

With SKALE DB powered by Nutanix Database Service™ (NDB) software, your operations are no longer constrained by siloed databases with different APIs and management interfaces in each cloud. It provides visibility and control over your entire database fleet. This allows standards for provisioning, patching, protection, and cloning to be defined once and applied across multiple locations, ensuring consistency and compliance. It enables migration from older database versions to new ones with just a few clicks, and also helps to easily and quickly scale database storage.

Using the management plane, teams can rapidly provision standalone and highly available, multi-cluster, multi-region, and multi-cloud databases that behave the same—and adhere to the same best practices—wherever they run. SKALE DB powered by NDB works in conjunction with Nutanix Cloud Clusters to simplify database deployment and management in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

SKALE DB, along with NDB time machine, provides a global view of database backups with centralized control over where backups are stored, who can access them, and how long they are retained. In its study, Forrester found that NDB reduces storage needs for backups and copies by 60%.

Database clones can span multiple clusters in different datacenters or clouds, allowing for easy, secure data flow from production to downstream test, dev, and reporting environments. The video Multicluster Database-as-a-Service shows how easy these processes are to perform

SKALE DB powered by NDB reduces the complexity of database operations and saves time with:

  • One-Click Provisioning. Create a standardized catalog of database services with uniform compute, network, and database parameter sizing. NDB enables mobility and offers the ability to create instant clone copies
  • One-Click Backup. Back up any size database in a full, database-consistent manner in just minutes with space and time-efficient, one-click database snapshots.
  • One-Click Patching. Streamline software maintenance with immediate or scheduled patching updates for all provisioned database instances.
  • Copy Data Management. Capture all database states to help satisfy any service-level agreement (SLA). Create fully functional database copies, and quickly refresh existing copies.

NDB drives efficiency, agility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability and provides full support for different production and dev/test use cases, making it a key element of the SKALE DB managed service

HCL database services and ecosystem tools are closely integrated with NDB and the Nutanix Prism® control plane for database and infrastructure automation and management.

SKALE DB Technology Advantages

  1. Single console for self-service & multi-cloud control
  2. DB catalogs
  3. One click database and infrastructure provisioning
  4. One click database and infra patching
  5. Database snapshot
  6. Operational insights
  7. Capacity planning and just in-time provisioning
  8. Copy data management with cloning and backup

IAddresses Enterprise Pain Points

By combining HCL’s operational excellence with innovative Nutanix technology, SKALE DB, powered by Nutanix, directly addresses the pain points that enterprises face when deploying and managing dozens or hundreds of database instances.


  • Eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual DB management tasks like provisioning and patching.
  • Allows developers and other users to access the services they need when they need them via an integrated self-service portal.
  • Provides operational visibility including tracking of utilization, licenses, DB versions, EOL issues, and capacity allocated to each project
  • Ensures that resources are available with no surprises using built-in capacity planning, easy scaling, and flexible cloud support.

SKALE DB Business Advantages

Because SKALE DB is fully managed, it significantly reduces the pressure on DBAs and other teams, allowing them to focus more on strategic initiatives and delivering substantial business advantages 1:

  • Lower TCO. Five-year TCO reduction of 30%, including 38% lower infrastructure costs.
  • Enhanced user experience. 90% fewer outages and 70% faster time to market.
  • Ease of management. 82% less effort to deploy and 60% more efficient.
  • Enhanced Security. Proven capabilities in the area of data privacy consulting, advisory, implementation and solution architecture.
  • Intelligent Automation. Higher reliability and agility by automating complex tasks.
  • Seamless Cloud Integration and Orchestration.

A Partnership for Success

The partnership between HCL and Nutanix is built on a 360-degree relationship, ensuring that technical and business issues are addressed quickly by our collaborative teams. We work together to ensure close alignment across all regions globally, so we can meet evolving customer needs, anywhere and everywhere.

Find Out More

To find out more about NDS 2.0 and SKALE DB, check out the following resources:

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